December 2, 2023

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Hamas’ attack part of ‘grand plan’ to open up ‘second front for totalitarian axis’ of evil

Hamas’ terrorist incursion into Israel on October 7 was “part of a grander plan” by China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and Syria to create a “second front” in the battle for global supremacy between the emerging “authoritarian axis” and the West.

The deadly assault by the Islamist government of Gaza last month “takes the focus away from Ukraine” and may exploit tensions between “squabbling” European players, the US and Israel.

As images of anti-Israel protests in the West travel around the world, exposing and stoking deep social tensions, the former leader of the Conservative Party Sir Iain Duncan Smith told that the scenes are exactly as Iran and its allies would have hoped.

He told this website: “Iran is behind all of this. There is an authoritarian axis now – at the heart of which is China. [It is] China, North Korea, Russia, Iran, [and] Syria is now in that fold.

“This whole process of this attack on Israel was planned hugely with the IRGC [Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps]. And of course you know what it does, it takes the focus away from Ukraine.”

The Wall Street Journal reported on the day after the October 7 attacks that Hamas had been working with the IRGC “since August to devise the air, land and sea incursions”. The same publication said the Iranian group gave the go-ahead for the incursion into Israel during a meeting in Beirut in the days prior.

Sir Iain, a Northern Ireland veteran and outspoken foreign policy expert in Westminster, believes Iran helped Hamas carry out the atrocity because of the shockwaves it would send through the western order and further the geopolitical ambitions of Tehran, Beijing and Moscow.

He said: “It’s all part of a grander plan. They knew that the Israelis would have to react and they’ve reacted. They knew that this would help whip up and ferment all sorts of antisemitism. It all plays into their arena of what they want to do.”

“So the whole thing is controlled through Iran, Iran is absolutely in lock-step with China, with Russia. And North Korea has now supplied over a million new artillery rounds to Russia.”

Reflecting on the fractious relations between NATO allies and conflicts competing for the West’s attention, the senior British politician accused European allies of failing to present a united front.

He said: “So you know whilst America has now [been] drawn in two directions, Europe is squabbling amongst itself over Ukraine… you’ve got issues there.

“This war with Israel [and] Hamas, [the Israeli Government] rightly doing what they have to do, it gives a second front for the totalitarian axis.”

On November 2 the US House of Representatives passed a Republican-led bill which would see Israel provided with $14.3 billion. However, it does not include any additional funding for the Ukrainian war effort, in defiance of Joe Biden’s request for more money for Volodymyr Zelensky.

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