December 1, 2023

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Israel Hamas war LIVE: Troops raid Gaza in urgent preparation for Hamas ground invasion

Shadow environment secretary Steve Reed has called for the UK Government to help Palestinians in Gaza.

He told Sky News: “It’s very important that we get a humanitarian pause so that foreign nationals who are trapped in Gaza can be got out, and around 100, I understand it, UK nationals are in there.

“It’s very important that the UK Government must focus on getting those people out, but beyond that, the other thing a humanitarian pause can give us is the ability to get aid in to those people living in Gaza, innocent Palestinian citizens, nothing to do with Hamas and the terrorism that they’re responsible for, but they need help too.

“Food, water, medicine, fuel, we need to get the electricity switched on for the hospitals, they’ve only got a days or so worth of power left and there’s a need to be able to help people that are getting hurt in that situation.

“So a humanitarian pause, both to get our citizens out, which is a priority of course it is, but also to make sure that we get much more aid in to help Palestinians.”

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