December 2, 2023

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Israel-Hamas war live: Land, air and sea invasion ‘imminent’ after IDF ‘kills Hamas …

The Independent’s Bel Trew reporting from Israel-Gaza border

A land, air and sea invasion of Gaza is “imminent” as the Israel Defence Forces killed a top Hamas commander responsible for one of the murderous attacks on southern Israel last week.

The IDF said it was preparing to “expand the offensive” on Gaza by implementing a “wide range of offensive operational plans” including a “joint and coordinated attack from the air, sea and land.”

It comes as the Israeli military said Ali Qadhi, a company commander in the so-called Nukhba unit, was killed in a drone strike on Saturday.

Writing on X, formerly Twitter, the Israeli airforce said: “Air Force aircraft, under the intelligence guidance of the Shin Bet and Amman, killed Ali Kachi, a commander in the Najaba force of the terrorist organization Hamas, who led a terrorist attack in the settlements surrounding Gaza last weekend.”

Meanwhile, the Pentagon ordered a second aircraft carrier to the eastern Mediterranean Sea “to deter hostile actions against Israel or any efforts toward widening this war following Hamas’s attack.”


Palestine protester arrests are question for the police, says Labour

Labour’s shadow foreign secretary David Lammy has said the question of whether anyone should be arrested at pro-Palestine protests is a matter for the police.

Asked where the limit of free expression on the issue was, Mr Lammy told Sky News:“I think that these are decisions that it’s right that the police make on the ground. Let me give you a distinction: We have to live in a country where people are free to wave their national flag and be proud of where they come from.

“But if you are doing that outside a synagogue, clearly intimidating and harassing, you’re contravening the law.”

Organisers say around 150,000 people marched in central London on Saturday, with thousands more in other cities.

Labour has advised its members not to attend the gatherings.While the protests were generally peaceful, critics have raised questions about some of the anti-Israel signs displayed by a small minority of attendees – and whether they might constitute a public order offence.

Pushed on the matter, Mr Lammy told the broadcaster: “We live in a free society but we do not tolerate intimidation.“I am not here to act as the director of public prosecutions and to make those determinations on the ground. Those are determinations for the police and subsequently the courts.”

Shadow foreign secretary David Lammy

(PA Archive)

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Israel sets new deadline for evacuation of Gazans

The IDF has extended its deadline for ordering the evacuation of Gazan civilians from the north of the enclave.

Writing on X, formerly Twitter, it said: “Residents of Gaza City and northern Gaza, in the past days, we’ve urged you to relocate to the southern area for your safety.

“We want to inform you that the IDF will not carry out any operations along this route from 10 AM to 1 PM. During this window, please take the opportunity to move southward from northern Gaza. Your safety and that of your families matters.

“Please follow our instructions and head southward. Be assured, Hamas leaders have already ensured their safety and that of their families.”

Alexander Butler15 October 2023 09:23


Hamas wants to turn conflict into ‘war’ with wider world, Cleverly says

Hamas wants to turn the conflict in Israel into a “war between the Muslim world and the wider world”, Britain’s foreign secretary James Cleverly said.

He told Sunday With Trevor Phillips on Sky News: “I have said it’s in Israel’s interest to avoid civilian casualties and Palestinian casualties because Hamas clearly wants to turn this into a wider Arab-Israeli war or indeed a war between the Muslim world and the wider world and none of us, including Israel, want that to be the case and so that’s why we do give that strong advice from a position of friendship.”

He added: “I’ve said that restraint, discipline these are the hallmarks of the Israel Defence Force that I want to see and indeed those are the hallmarks of a high-functioning military organisation, which the IDF is – in stark contrast to the terrorist atrocities perpetrated by Hamas.”

Palestinians wave their national flag and celebrate by a destroyed Israeli tank at the Gaza Strip


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Pictured: Israelis tanks near Gaza

Three Israeli soldiers chat while on top of an Israeli tank near Gaza


Three Israeli soldiers walk past tanks near Israel’s border with Gaza


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Ten British people dead or missing in Israel not “unreasonable estimate”, Cleverly says

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said that around 10 British people dead or missing was not an “unreasonable estimate”.

The figure was put to him on Sunday With Trevor Phillips on Sky News.

He declined to give an exact number and said that the situation remained uncertain, but told the programme: “That is not an unreasonable estimate of the kind of number of people that we’re talking about.”

Alexander Butler15 October 2023 09:00


One killed and three wounded in attack on Israeli village near Lebanon

Lebanese Hezbollah fighters launched a missile at an Israeli northern border village on Sunday, killing one person and wounding three others, the militant group and Israeli medics said.

The medics had initially said two people were wounded in the attack on Shtula, a farming community the abuts the border fence, opposite the Lebanese community of Ayta a-Shab.

The Israeli military said it was striking in Lebanon in retaliation. Video from Shtula that was circulated on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, showed a soldier checking an immobile and bloodied man in civilian clothing.

Alexander Butler15 October 2023 08:58


‘Incredibly difficult’ to open Rafah border crossing, Cleverly says

It is proving “incredibly difficult” to open the Rafah border crossing from Gaza into Egypt, foreign secretary James Cleverly said.

Speaking to Sunday With Trevor Phillips on Sky News, he said: “I’ve spoken a number of occasions with my Egyptian counterpart, we stay in very close coordination with the United States of America, with other friends in the region and of course with the Israeli government trying to coordinate a time window when the Rafah crossing can be opened so that people can leave.

“That is proving incredibly difficult. So I’m not able to say with any certainty when that crossing may be open.”

Alexander Butler15 October 2023 08:45


Israeli military preparations indicate “imminent” attack, Cleverly says

Israeli military preparations indicate an “imminent” attack on Gaza, Britain’s foreign secretary James Clevery said.

It comes after Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said “the next stage” of an “air, land and sea” assault was ready.

“With our fighters in the Gaza Strip, on the front line. We are all ready,” he wrote on X, formerly Twitter. The Israel Defence Forces also said it was gearing up for a “comprehensive offensive”.

Israeli military preparations indicate an “imminent” attack on Gaza, Clevery said

(PA Wire)

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Pictured: Gaza under siege

A Palestinian boy sits with his head in his hands after an Israeli airstrike

(AFP via Getty Images)

Palestinians flee from northern Gaza by donkey after Israel’s evacuation order


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Israel not responsible for strike on Gaza convoy, IDF claims

The Israeli Defence Forces has denied responsibility for an airstrike that killed a convoy of 70 Gazan civilians fleeing northern Gaza.

Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner said “no strikes” were carried out by the IDF and Hamas “booby trapped” the road the convoy was travelling on.

“Our review found that there was no strikes conducted by the IDF and it appears that Hamas booby trapped the road,” he told Sky News.

“It’s all part of their propaganda effort in order to raise the sense of strife and they have proven time and time again they are going to sacrifice their people.”

Palestinians stand by a building destroyed in an Israeli airstrike

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