December 11, 2023

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Hamburg airport suspends ALL flights due to ‘threat of Iranian attack on aircraft’

All flights to and from Hamburg Airport have been suspended after a “threat of an attack on an aircraft” inbound from the Iranian capital of Tehran. 

Germany’s DPA News Agency has reported on the incident citing an airport spokeswoman. 

It said in a tweet: “All flights at Germany’s Hamburg Airport are suspended due to a threat of an attack on an aircraft from the Iranian capital Tehran, an airport spokeswoman tells DPA.”

The nature of the threat is unknown but Reuters also reported that no flights were taking off or arriving due to “police measures”.

The news comes amid heightened tensions following an unprecedented terrorist attack in Israel by Hamas. The group is known to have links to Iran. Tehran has denied any direct involvement in the attacks which killed at least 700 Israelis

Iran’s mission to the United Nations said in a statement: “We emphatically stand in unflinching support of Palestine; however, we are not involved in Palestine’s response, as it is taken solely by Palestine itself.”

However, Iran has been instrumental in aiding Hamas and US Officials are thought to be looking for evidence of Iran’s involvement in the terrorist attack. 

On Saturday morning, Hamas launched thousands of rockets into Israel as its fighters poured into the south of the country over the border with the Gaza Strip. 

The terrorists then indiscriminately killed Israeli civilians including 260 mostly young revellers who were enjoying an overnight desert trance festival.

Videos from Gaza following the attacks show Israeli hostages – some women, children and the elderly – have been taken by Hamas. Israel has not given an exact figure for hostages held but it is believed to be upwards of 120 people. 

The attack has shocked Israel and much of the world. It has been described as the country’s 9/11

Israel’s government has vowed retribution for the attacks and the Defense Minister has ordered a ‘complete siege’ on Gaza blocking food, water and electricity to the territory.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Palestinians that Israel would turn parts of the territory “into rubble”. The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) has launched hundreds of airstrikes on Gaza since the crisis began. Palestinian authorities claim more than 500 people have been killed in Gaza, although that number is expected to rise.

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