October 1, 2023

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Tehran, Riyadh to share experiences in environmental protection 

TEHRAN – Iran and Saudi Arabia have agreed to share their valuable experiences in the field of environment, especially in dealing with sand and dust storms.

Iranian Department of Environment Chief, Ali Salajeqeh, met Saudi Arabian National Center of Meteorology CEO, Ayman bin Salem Ghulam, in Tehran on Sunday.

Iran and Saudi Arabia are grappling with the predicament of sand and dust storms to a great extent, Salajeqeh said, IRNA reported.

“All of us should also take measures to prevent sea pollution as well,” he highlighted.

The Saudi Arabian official, for his part, said that Saudi Arabia is a desert region, but it is also affected by the dust emerging from neighboring countries. “This issue shows that it is necessary to take action to solve the problem internationally.”

In a key address at the International Conference on Combating Sand and Dust Storms which was held in Tehran on September 9-10, Ghulam emphasized that the Kingdom took the lead in recognizing the pressing need for collective action.

Moreover, the Kingdom has made significant investments in research and technology in collaboration with regional and international partners. He added that the Kingdom has also signed agreements with neighboring countries to strengthen cooperation in early warning systems, research, and technology transfer.

Tehran conference

Representatives of more than 50 countries attended the two-day event which was held based on resolution number A77571 of the United Nations General Assembly in 2022, with the support of the United Nations.

According to surveys, 150 countries are affected by SDSs, and most of these countries are located in Africa and Asia.

Addressing the conference, President Ebrahim Raisi said environmental degradation is a global concern and is not related to a specific climate and country.

“God has placed a law in nature that while humans use water, soil, air, and space, they must respect the laws governing nature,” he pointed out.

All governments and international organizations should consider themselves obliged to these laws, Raisi stressed.

“The issue of water management is very important as the improper use of water resources is undoubtedly one of the main causes of sand and dust storms.”

In July 2022, Tehran played host to a conference of ministers and officials from 11 countries, aiming to boost cooperation for resolving extant environmental problems, especially sand and dust storms.

Environment ministers of Iraq, Armenia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Syria, and Qatar, as well as deputy ministers of Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan along with delegations from Turkey and Uzbekistan, participated in the event which was held with the theme of “Environmental Cooperation for a Better Future.”


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