September 28, 2023

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Tariq Ali’s book on Churchill published in Persian

TEHRAN – “Winston Churchill: His Times, His Crimes”, a book by British-Pakistani writer, journalist, political activist and historian Tariq Ali has recently been published in Persian.

Translated by Pirouz Ashraf, the book has been released by Jahan-e Ketab Publications in Tehran. 

Originally published in 2022, the book is a critical examination of the life and legacy of Winston Churchill, one of the most iconic figures in British history.

In this coruscating biography, Tariq Ali challenges Churchill’s vaulted record. Throughout his long career as journalist, adventurer, MP, military leader, statesman, and historian, nationalist self-belief influenced Churchill’s every step, with catastrophic effects. As a young man he rode into battle in South Africa, Sudan and India in order to maintain the Imperial order.

The book traces Churchill’s rise to power, from his early days as a young and ambitious politician to his role as the wartime leader who rallied the British people against Nazi Germany.

At the same time, Ali’s book does not shy away from Churchill’s darker side. He details Churchill’s controversial views on race and imperialism, including his support for the use of torture and other brutal tactics against anti-colonial movements in Africa and Asia. Ali also examines Churchill’s role in the 1943 Bengal Famine, which he argues was exacerbated by Churchill’s policies and neglect.

Overall, “Winston Churchill: His Times, His Crimes” provides a nuanced portrait of a complex and contradictory figure. While Churchill is undoubtedly one of the great figures of the twentieth century, Ali’s book suggests that his legacy must be evaluated in the context of his crimes and shortcomings as well as his achievements.

Photo: A combination photo shows Tariq Ali and the front cover of the Persian edition of his book “Winston Churchill: His Times, His Crimes”


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