September 28, 2023

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Raisi showed all roads don’t lead to New York, Paris, London: Official 

TEHRAN – Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, the vice president for parliamentary affairs, has praised the foreign policy record of the Ebrahim Raisi administration, saying President Ebrahim Raisi diversified Iran’s foreign policy options. 

Speaking before a group of university professors, Hosseini said the Raisi administration is determined to improve the situation in the country by increasing productivity and generating sustainable revenues. 

Hosseini said shoring up social capital, which has been damaged in the past, is an up to all. He underlined that professors should provide answers to the questions of the students and youth. 

“The ill-wishers of the Iranian nation do not place any religious, moral or customary restrictions on themselves in order to create doubt in the minds of the people and the youth and discourage them from the Islamic government and system,” he said, according to IRNA. “They use any tool such as lies, slander and defamation to attack.”

He added, “Today, as the Imam (Khomeini) emphasized, we all have a duty to inform the people about the actions that are being taken in the Islamic Republic. In this regard, the mission of professors, teachers, missionaries, influential people, artists and media is to inform people with the existing realities. There is no need to exaggerate in this direction. If only the achievements and basic actions are properly communicated, it is enough to create a spirit of hope and vitality in the society, which is necessary for progress.”

Hosseini continued, “When the 13th government [Raisi administration] started its work in August 2021, the country was facing many economic, cultural, political and diplomatic problems. But the government instead of talking about the remaining problems…, worked day and night to remove the obstacles to improving the conditions and progress of the country.”

The official then enumerated the achievements of the Raisi administration, saying, “In the first 11 months of his tenure, the president visited 31 provinces, which is an unprecedented record. In these trips, while familiarizing with the capacities and demands of the people, the issues and problems of different regions were closely examined and decisions were made to meet the needs of the people.”

Hosseini said, “Also, during the 19 foreign trips of the president, 163 cooperation documents were signed, and the process of their implementation is followed up with seriousness and speed. The government and Ayatollah Raisi personally showed that unlike in the past, when foreign policy was carried out as if all roads lead to New York, Paris and London, there are honorable ways to achieve national interests.”

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