September 30, 2023

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Pahlavi family cashing in on 2022 Iran riots

TEHRAN – The descendants of the toppled Pahlavi regime are trying to make money off the back of the riots that occurred fall of last year in Iran.

An organization called Persian American Women’s Conference (PAWC), claiming to be a nonprofit, is holding a conference on September 20 featuring Fox News Anchor Shally Zomorodi and the daughter-in-law of the last monarch of Iran, Yasmine Pahlavi. 

The conference which will be held in the most affluent district of California, Beverly Hills, will let you “resist, endure, and stand tall” with the two figures. It is not clear what will be discussed at the gathering but PAWC claims to “empower women by providing them with academic scholarships, internships, and mentorships”. 

Ticket prices range from $150 to $450, with the most expensive one allowing guests to have lunch with Yasmine Pahlavi at a private residence. Again, it has not been mentioned what the money raised by the sales would be spent on. 

Yasmin Phalavi has received scathing criticism from both pro and anti-Iranian social media users. People believe the woman who’s never held any official position is “making money by selling the blood of Iranian youth”. She has been rebuked for using every opportunity to make money and “tarnishing the image of the Iranian opposition”. 

Many are also questioning what Yasmine Pahlavi would be able to teach people considering her unimpressive background. They believe the holding of the conference goes to show how the Pahlavi family has been posturing as opposition figures and human rights defenders while all they really care about is making money. What the family of the toppled Shah has been able do to for human rights throughout the years has also been brought into question. 

The conference coincides with the anniversary of last year’s riots which, according to some Iranian officials, resulted in the death of dozens of security personnel. 
The Pahlavi family members have been leading extravagant lives by presenting themselves as leaders of anti-Iranian campaigners abroad. Reza Pahlavi, the son of the Shah who was overthrown by the Islamic revolution in 1979, has never held a job based on his own words. The 62-year-old’s only job has been to “fight against the Islamic Republic”. 

Reza Pahlavi was initially sponsored by successive U.S. administrations and Congresses. He has met with several American senators and House representatives in a bid to get paid for his so-called “fight”. According to previously leaked data, Saudi Arabia and Israel have also supported the former crown prince. 


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