September 26, 2023

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Iran’s culture ministry commemorates recently deceased Talal Salman

TEHRAN –On Sunday, a ceremony was held at the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in Tehran to pay tribute to the memory of the Lebanese journalist Talal Salman, who passed away on August 25 at the age of 85. 

The ceremony was attended by a number of Iranian and Lebanese cultural and political figures including the Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad-Mehdi Esmaeili. 

Talal Salman was a prominent Lebanese journalist, author, and political commentator known for his efforts in promoting civil liberties and socialism.

Born in 1953, Salman was the founder and editor-in-chief of the left-leaning newspaper Al-Safir. The paper, which was founded in 1974, is one of the oldest and most respected Arabic-language newspapers in the world.

Throughout his illustrious career, Salman was an outspoken critic of oppression, corruption, and sectarianism in Lebanon and the Middle East. His writing focused on promoting progressive politics, human rights, and democratic values, making him a highly respected voice in the region. 

He was also a staunch advocate for women’s rights and the Palestinian cause.

Despite being targeted by censorship and intimidation in the past, Salman remained committed to the cause of social justice and remained one of the most influential voices in Lebanese politics and journalism. His advocacy has inspired many young people in Lebanon and the region to speak out against oppression and fight for a better future.

The companionship of Talal Salman with Imam Khomeini from Paris to Tehran, as well as his interview with the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, are among the records of this Lebanese journalist’s career.

Photo: Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad-Mehdi Esmaeili pays tribute to the late Lebanese journalist Talal Salman in a ceremony held in Tehran on September 3, 2023.


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