September 26, 2023

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Iranian Theater Forum to host reading performance of Schmitt’s “Enigma Variations”

TEHRAN – A group of actors will perform a reading of Franco–Belgian writer Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt’s play “Enigma Variations” at the Iranian Theater Forum in Tehran on Saturday. 

The reading performance, which is scheduled to be staged at the Javanmard Hall of the forum at 6 pm, will be directed by Azita Nurivafa. 

Hassan Asgari and Keivan Hashemi are the main members of the cast. 

“Enigma Variations”, originally titled “Variations Enigmatiques” in French, was first performed in 1996 and has since gained immense critical acclaim for its exploration of complex themes of love, human relationships, art, and the search for truth.

The play’s plot revolves around two pianists, the reclusive and enigmatic Abel Znorko and a young music student, Arthur. Arthur is sent to interview the famous composer Znorko, who has secluded himself on a remote Norwegian island, and must endeavor to unravel the mystery of Znorko’s past. A series of events unfold that lead them both on a journey of discovery as they explore the complex nature of truth and creativity. 

Through Znorko’s character, Schmitt explores the artist’s desire to create and the struggle of artistic explorations that he may have to go through. The play also explores the human experiences and the complexity of relationships. Znorko’s mysterious past adds a layer of intrigue that sets the stage for a character study that transcends the boundaries of the stage, revealing to the audience intimate glimpses into the human condition.

Schmitt utilizes poetic language and witty banter between the two characters to create an immersive and thought-provoking work of art that enraptures audiences. The play has been translated into multiple languages and has been performed in different parts of the world, achieving broad popularity and critical acclaim.

Overall, “Enigma Variations” is a captivating play that delves deeply into the complexity of human nature, the vagaries of creativity and the power of music to inspire and change us. 


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