September 26, 2023

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Iranian arrivals in Mexico soar as COVID restrictions ease

TEHRAN—The number of Iranian visitors to Mexico has increased following the drop of COVID-19 restrictions for travelers, the United Mexican States’ ambassador to Iran has said.

After the coronavirus pandemic, the number of Iranian arrivals in Mexico has increased, Mehr quoted Guillermo Alejandro Puente Ordorica as saying on Friday.

The Mexican envoy did not give a specific number for Iranian travels. He made the remarks at Tehran’s Art Garden on the sidelines of his visit to a photo exhibition featuring treasured attractions in Iran and Mexico.

Puente Ordorica said his country welcomes deepening cultural ties with the Islamic Republic.

There have been mutual interactions to boost cultural exchange and traveling and this photo exhibition is among those efforts, he noted.

It is difficult to travel to Mexico. However, every document that the Mexican embassy requires from Iranians to issue a visa is the same as it requires from other nationalities and there is no other difference, the ambassador said.

As mentioned by organizers, the exhibition is intended to portray the beauty and diversity that defines Mexico and Iran. The Embassy of Mexico in Iran is proud to present the photography exhibition titled “Postcards from Mexico and Iran”, the organizers said.

It consists of 80 magnificent works, captured by top photographers Manuel Ceron and Patrick Ringgenberg in the format of 30 by 45 cm, with an intimate look at landscapes, religious temples, and life.

The show, which runs through September 13, is said to be a lively witness to the cultural cooperation between Mexico and Iran and an invitation to explore the depths of the two.


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