September 30, 2023

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Iran, Mexico attractions on view at Tehran show

TEHRAN—A selection of 80 photographs featuring treasured attractions in Iran and Mexico has been put on show at Tehran’s Art Garden.

As mentioned by organizers, the exhibition is intended to portray the beauty and diversity that defines Mexico and Iran.

The Embassy of Mexico in Iran is proud to present the photography exhibition titled “Postcards from Mexico and Iran”, the organizers said.

The collection consists of 80 magnificent works, captured by top photographers Manuel Ceron and Patrick Ringgenberg in the format of 30 by 45 cm, with an intimate look at landscapes, religious temples, and life.

The collection presents the everyday life of the people of both nations. The images, in most cases, are on the topics of environment and anthropology, and they focus on architecture and offer a unique and deep perspective.

The show, which runs through September 13, is said to be a lively witness to the cultural cooperation between Mexico and Iran and an invitation to explore the depths of the two.

Palm-fringed beaches, chili-spiced cuisine, steamy jungles, teeming cities, fiesta fireworks conjure up Mexico’s diverse, vivid dreams.

Iran covers a very diverse natural topography, ranging from magnificent beaches stretching for miles to mysterious arid deserts and it boasts numerous tourist spots such as bazaars, museums, mosques, bridges, bathhouses, madrasas, mausoleums, churches, towers, and mansions, of which 26 are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list.


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