September 30, 2023

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Indian adventurers riding 1950 MG YT reach Iran in their 12,000-km epic journey

TEHRAN—Indian adventurers riding 1950 MG YT have arrived on Iranian soil on their 12,000-km itinerary which crosses 16 countries toward England.

The Indian tourists, who started their journey from Gujarat state, entered Iran’s Bandar Abbas on their way to England, the Touring and Automobile Club of the Islamic Republic of Iran said on Sunday.

This group of eight people, whose members are a family, along with a documentary group, started their journey with two vehicles; a classic MG 1950 car and a camper van, the TACI said.

They left Sharjah last night on September 2 and entered Iran by air among the warm welcome of local officials and travel enthusiasts.

They are set to pass through many Iranian cities, such as Lar, Shiraz, Eqlid, Isfahan, Kashan, Tehran, Zanjan, and Tabriz, during their ten-day journey in the country.

With the help of local people, we have organized various programs to welcome, accompany, and escort the group along its Iran itinerary, the club said.

UAE, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, and France are on their itinerary that ultimately ends in England. 

Daman Thakore, 50, accompanied by his 75-year-old father, 21-year-old daughter, and a close-knit group of friends and family is en route to England, commemorating 76 years of India’s Independence.

The expedition was symbolically flagged off by Mangal Prabhat Lodha, the Minister of Skills, Employment, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation in the government of Maharashtra, in Mumbai.

British Vintage Car 1950 MG YT built in 1950, at the factory. Which was bought in Ahmedabad in 1979 for five thousand rupees. There are between 100 and 125 such British Vintage Car 1950 MG YT models in the world.

However, that decorative edition will give the message of ‘One World, One Family’ to the world. The road trip is estimated to be completed by mid-October.


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