September 25, 2023

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Five nominations for Iranian flicks at 7th Wales International Film Festival

TEHRAN-Five Iranian films have been nominated for the awards at the 7th Wales International Film Festival and the winners will be announced on September 14 and 15.

The films include “The Locust” by Faezeh Azizkhani, “Killing A Traitor” by Masoud Kimiai, “Motherless” by Morteza Fatemi, “Between the Cliffs” by Mokhtar Abdollahi, and “Wind of Change” by Abbas Rafei, IRNA reported.

The second feature film by Azizkhani, “The Locust” will compete in both the Best Film and the Best Foreign Film categories. 

It is about Hanieh, a 40-year-old woman, who has written a film script based on her own life. Now she is faced with the judgment of the others who call her “bastard”.

The 80-minute drama was made in 2022 and so far, has been screened in several international film festivals.

The cast includes Hanieh Tavassoli, Pegah Ahangarani, Ali Mosaffa, Pedram Sharifi, Ramin Sadighi, Amaneh Agharezakashi, Ahmad Azizkhani, Majid Azizkhani, and Dorna Madani among others.

The other four Iranian titles have also been included among the Best Foreign Film Finalists.

“Killing A Traitor” by the veteran filmmaker Kimiai narrates a story about the time when the Iranian Oil Industry was to be Nationalized. When the Iranian government faced budget deficits due to the fact that the entire world stopped acquiring oil from the country, Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh asked the people for support. To help the Prime Minister, a group of university students decided to rob the National Bank of Iran.

Amir Aghaei, Poulad Kimiai, Mehran Modiri, Farhad Aeesh, Sara Bahrami, Narges Mohammadi, Pante’a Bahram, Reza Yazdani, and Sam Derakhshani play in the 120-minute film that was made in 2022.

“Motherless” is about an educated, middle-aged couple, Amir Ali and Marjan, who lead a quiet life. When Marjan insists on renting a womb and a surrogate mother enters their life, unintentionally they go through different tests and face moral dilemmas.

Made in 2022, the 84-minute-film has already garnered three awards from the Dhaka International Film Festival, the Bengaluru International Film Festival, and London Rainbow Film Festival. This is the fifth appearance of the film in international arena. 

Amir Aghaei, Mitra Hajjar, Pejman Jamshidi, and Pardis Pourabedini are in the cast among others.

Abdollahi’s first feature film, “Between the Cliffs” tells the story of Ebrahim and his little sister Ilma, who tend their cattle in the mountains when their parents go to town on an errand. In a rock crevice, honeybees buzz and Ebrahim climbs for their nest. Easier said than done – with an injured foot, Ebrahim gets stuck on a ledge. Now it’s up to Ilma to manage on her own.

Hamidreza Gheibi, Andia Yahyapour, Maryam Alahmad and Esmaeil Moradi are in the cast of the film.

A production of 2021, the 78-minute drama was premiered at the national competition section of Isfahan Children’s Film Festival in Iran and won Grand Prix and the Best Child Actress Award in the event.

It has so far participated in four international events including Dhaka International Film Festival (January 2023, Bangladesh), BUFF Film Festival (March 2023, Sweden), CMS International Children’s Film Festival (April 2023, India) and Within the Family Film Festival (July 2023, Russia).

Taking part in the Children’s Films Competition section of the Russian festival, the movie grabbed Best Film and Best Performance Award.

Rafei’s “Wind of Change” is about Sara, who one day finds out that her husband is missing. She and her teenage daughter are left without anyone to rely on. Along with one of the neighbors, they begin desperately seeking him.

Narges Mohmmadi, Fariba Naderi, Hana Harandi, Hediyeh Bazvand, Mohammad Reza Sharifinia, Maryam Boobani, and Sam Nouri play in the 86-minute movie that is a 2023 production.


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