September 28, 2023

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Enemy wanted Ashura to be the end but it became the root of all uprisings: Raisi

TEHRAN -Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi addressed a group of mourners in Birjand where he said Ashura is the root of all uprisings.

On Wednesday morning on Imam Hussien’s (AS) Arba’een, in order to participate in the procession of Arba’een in Birjand, as well as meet with the people of Darmian and Ferdows cities, President Raisi arrived in South Khorasan Province and was welcomed by the Representative of the Guardian of the Islamic Jurist in the province and Friday Prayer Imam of Birjand, the Governor General and a group of local officials.

“The enemies of the religion wanted the memory and name of Hussain (AS) to fade into oblivion and Ashura to be the last day. But God’s will was that Ashura was the beginning day,” he said, adding that God preordained that instead of staying in Karbala, the saga of Ashura should be institutionalized in the hearts and transmitted through the generations with the language of Lady Zainab (pbuh) and the initiatives of Imam Zain al-Abdin (pbuh).

He continued, “Just as yesterday the pure blood of Hussain bin Ali (pbuh) was the source of changes and removed ignorance from the society, today the pure blood of our martyrs with the blessed name of Hussain bin Ali (pbuh) has and will disgrace modern ignorance.”

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