September 30, 2023

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Americans: Prepare for life in a fumbling Third World pariah! …

Headline seen in Zerohedge, an online news and editorial site, on September 2: “U.S. and Israel plan joint drills simulating attack on Iran”

Why such a waste in all respects? There is no reasonable answer. But U.S. foreign policies and actions for decades have had one primary push from behind: support for Apartheid Israel resulting in the wreckage of some countries in West Asia. Why? Because the American “Empire” is insanely jealous of many countries like China, Russia and Iran with all their human and natural resources as it and its allies ratchet down the crapper.

Nowadays is that rare period in history when narratives put forth by the U.S. to explain itself and its actions as if they were benevolences, especially overseas and for decades, are rapidly being peeled away to reveal evil intent. Same goes for European vassals of the U.S. France is one example and France is being rejected by West Africans for Neo-colonialism.

In the case of the U.S., which is losing and has lost respect all over the globe, a knee-jerk reaction is to “support” its few remaining alleged “allies” such as Israel. Israel, which is helping destroy U.S. standing anywhere except among Israeli racists, xenophobes and Zio-cultists. From a formal bloody inception in 1947-48 it should have been cancelled. The Balfour Declaration of 1918 was the initial mistake. Israel’s creation was not merely some (cruel) expiation foisted on the Arab and Muslim world for the Holocaust, which was a German crime, but also a platform to extend now fading Western military and economic dominance.

One huge Nazi crime, the Holocaust, begat myriad more crimes through Israel’s creation. And the Western governments sit idly by. And the very weird thing is that almost no one would have objected to Israel had it ever been aimed at the consolidation of a new, inclusive state in the Levant that truly would fast become a real democratic entity for all the people west of the Jordan River. Every decade since 1948 has seen the true visage emerge, the substance of the Zionist state, its skin peeled back to expose a monster enabled by the West. Not a single war or occupation by Westerners – not in Iraq, Syria, Libya and elsewhere – and even U.S. sanctions on Iran and others would have occurred had it not been for the core blight of efforts to maintain Apartheid Israel and give it a free hand with no serious Western objections.

The various moves against Iran beginning with the deposition of Mohammad Mossadegh are foul. Any condemnation or redress by mere apology by the U.S., say, of any of its moves leading to Apartheid Israel primarily (and yes, some other crimes overseas) present a huge conundrum to the U.S. and its Western allies. Because if the U.S. were literally to ADMIT to one stupid policy error and make some amends, it would have also to admit to all the other errors of the “Empire” during its construction and maintenance. As for NATO, which has had no reason to exist since 1990, it continues, but Europe is already in the economic crapper thanks to Washington, including destruction of Russian Nordstream gas pipelines.

Witness the incarceration and persecution of Julian Assange. Washington hopes he dies in prison. He may. The U.S. cannot simply free him to be with his family? He did nothing wrong as a journalist. He did what journalists ought to do. Were the Biden gang to free him, as the world demands, would it not be a self-admission essentially of all the other moronic moves the U.S. has made creating an obvious dystopia abroad and at home? This may be one reason among many explaining why Washington’s hubristic dinosaurs remain obdurate and unyielding on so many issues.  Take a single recognizably critical support out of a foundation and structures can collapse.

Rest assured in the next decade the U.S. will decline into some nearly Third World country if World War 3 does not turn the globe to ashes. Bad economics alone will do the trick. So will social unrest. $33 trillion in debt and climbing? Interest payments on the debt to surpass $1 trillion next year, currently about $750 billion? Inflation embedded in the system? The U.S. Federal Reserve has only two choices: kill the dollar or kill the economy with high interest rates, which will kill the dollar anyway. Will the U.S. have to default? Probably. Use of the U.S. dollar is fast fading. U.S. bonds are getting sold off, by Japan and China and others. The “Petrodollar’s” days are numbered. Blame the deeply corrupt Biden regime. Pray the stumbling corpse does not try to run for a second term. His and past administrations have woefully imagined that they can continue to dictate to the rest of the world forever. Rare informed Americans are horrified, too.

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