September 25, 2023

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West understood profit from trade with Venezuela, but Western-oriented media not!

In a commentary, Kayhan discussed the relations between Iran and Venezuela and wrote: Western-oriented newspapers claim that relations and visits with Venezuela are meaningless and have not brought anything for the country.

In line with the development of energy diplomacy and an active presence in Latin American countries, the government started negotiations for the renovation and development of 2 refineries in Venezuela last year, and the contract for initial repairs and supply of equipment was done, and thereby the refining capacity of the El Palito refinery has increased by is 90,000 barrels per day. Iran’s increasing presence in Latin America has stunningly increased to the point that even the foreign media, which generally transmit biased reports in relations to Iran, have not been able to ignore this issue. However, it is a matter of surprise that some domestic media, due to factional interests, are willing to ignore national interests and facts and publish completely untrue content.

Iran: An unprecedented position in maritime power

In a note, the Iran newspaper focused on the importance of Navy Commander Rear Admiral Shahram Irani’s meeting with Latin American and South African counterparts on the sidelines of the Russian naval parades in St. Petersburg late last month.  It wrote: The Islamic Republic of Iran Navy has an active presence in all international events with its ability and authority and is ready to cooperate with South Africa and Latin America. The importance of these meetings becomes more prominent when the political geography of the countries is taken into consideration; for example, the maritime status of Venezuela near the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea and the south of the United States is one of the strategic areas for Iran to deal with the threats of the United States. The maritime position of South Africa is also an area that extends from the East to the Indian Ocean, from the South to the South Pole as well as from the West to the Atlantic Ocean. This can stabilize the influence of Iran’s maritime presence in the southern hemisphere. In general, the sea has a strategic and historical position for Iran, beyond its military role. According to experts in this field, it is a fixed strategic and operational position.

Hamshahri: Maryam Rajavi is more isolated than before

Hamshahri analyzed Maryam Rajavi’s ban to Albania and said: After the MKO moved from Iraq to Albania and distanced from Iran’s borders, and of course the average age of the members of the group increased, the possibility of sending terror teams into the country has been reduced to zero, and for this reason they have put most of their power on cyber operations and strong presence in the virtual space. In recent years, this group has used the most advanced servers in the cyber space with the help of one of its supporting governments. It is said that a lot of information is recorded on these servers, including information related to the associates and infiltrators of the hypocrites (MKO operatives) inside Iran. At the time of the Albanian police attack on Camp Ashraf 3, Maryam Rajavi was hidden in one of the buildings of the camp and later escaped to France for fear of being extradited to Iran. But now informed security sources say the Albanian government has banned the entry of Maryam Rajavi, the leader of the terrorist group, to Albania and this order was issued by the anti-terrorism court of the country. Albania said it is opposed to abusing his country’s hospitality to make plots against another country.

Arman-e-Melli: Agreement is shrouded in ambiguity

In response to Haaretz’s claim regarding positive changes related to a possible return to the JCPOA, Arman-e-Melli wrote: It seems that after the transfer of Iranian money from Iraq to Oman and the reported consultations regarding the transfer of American prisoners, it can be claimed the implementation of the interim agreement between the parties has been suspended for several days. Of course, another change can be a clear sign of the parties’ efforts to revive the JCPOA and even start negotiations to revive the Vienna agreement and close one of Iran’s few remaining cases in the International Atomic Energy Agency, an issue that would have a positive effect on the overall atmosphere of efforts to revive the JCPOA. Iran has been able to stop the jumps of the dollar with news therapy related to the release of its assets. Now, according to experts, the effect of this news therapy can disappear in the coming months, therefore, a good development in the nuclear field can help stabilize the current situation.

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