September 25, 2023

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UNHCR appreciates Iran for generously hosting refugees

TEHRAN – Inna Gladkova, the officer in charge of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Iran, has appreciated the country for generously hosting refugees.  

She assessed the formation of the National Migration Organization as a positive step in improving the situation of refugees and organizing them, ISNA reported.

She made the remarks in a meeting in Tehran on Thursday, August 3, with Ruhollah Qaderi, the National Migration Organization’s director for international affairs.

“The share of international organizations is less than one percent of Iran’s cost of about 10 billion dollars for hosting refugees, which is very small and should be seriously reviewed,” Qaderi said.

Humanitarian aid should be in line with the needs of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the refugees, and priority should be given to supplies and equipment that cannot be accessed due to sanctions, he stressed.

With over 3.4 million refugees and refugee-like populations, Iran has become the second-largest refugee-hosting country globally this year.

In total, Iran hosts some 4.5 million Afghans of varying status – including resident permit holders, undocumented Afghans, and family passport holders – many of whom have been in the country for an extended period and require support to strengthen their resilience.

Iran’s support for refugees is demonstrated through its inclusive policies, which encompass protection, assistance, education, and healthcare, inspiring the global community and positively impacting the lives of refugees.

Throughout Iran, a range of events were organized to commemorate this year’s World Refugee Day, under the theme “Hope Away from Home.”

These events emphasized the importance of solutions, inclusion, and compassion towards those forced to flee their homes due to conflict, persecution, or natural disasters.

Gladkova, in her Refugee Day message, paid tribute to the courage and remarkable resilience of refugees and commended Iran for its inclusive refugee policies, particularly in the sectors of education and health.

Ms. Gladkova stated, “The scale of the global refugee crisis requires greater solidarity and burden sharing. Iran’s exemplary efforts cannot be sustained without continued international support.”

She further called on the international community to increase their support for Iran’s humanitarian efforts, recognizing that no single country can bear the responsibility of hosting refugees alone.

She emphasized that more financial support, technical assistance, and innovative partnerships are essential to ensure the protection, well-being, and successful integration of refugees worldwide.

Despite its own domestic challenges, Iran has extended support to refugee children, allowing them to access education in public schools alongside Iranian children.

Iran’s healthcare system promotes refugee integration by providing them with vital healthcare services, including access to insurance, and vaccinations, enhancing refugee well-being, and benefiting public health in host communities.

On World Refugee Day, UNHCR extends gratitude to Iran for its hospitality and ongoing efforts in protecting and empowering refugees.

Iran’s example showcases the transformative power of inclusive policies, enabling refugees to thrive as valued members of society.

On 14 June, UNHCR released its flagship annual report, Global Trends in Forced Displacement 2022. The report found that by the end of 2022, the number of people displaced by war, persecution, violence, and human rights abuses stood at a record 108.4 million, up 19.1 million on a year earlier, which was the biggest ever increase.

Estimates for the number of refugees from Afghanistan were sharply higher by the end of 2022 due to revised estimates of Afghans hosted in Iran, many having arrived in previous years.


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