October 1, 2023

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Ukraine terminates agreement with Iran and Syria on avoidance of double taxation

On Wednesday 23 August, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the country’s parliament, voted to terminate the agreements with Iran and Syria on the avoidance of double taxation.

Source: This is reported by the Ministry of Finance

Details: Termination of agreements will contribute to:

  • preventing the replenishment of the budgets of Iran and Syria as countries contributing to the aggressor country. This was done by Ukraine providing preferential taxation conditions for residents of Iran and Syria operating in the country;

  • avoidance of losses to the budget of Ukraine due to the tax paid in Iran and Syria by residents of Ukraine operating in these countries;

  • freeing Ukraine from its obligations to exchange information with Iran and Syria on tax issues.

  • After the agreements are terminated, all income of residents of Iran and Syria received from sources in Ukraine will be subject to a general tax rate − 15% instead of the preferential rates established by the agreements.

The agreement with Iran has been in force since 1996, with Syria – since 2004.

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Original News : https://news.yahoo.com/ukraine-terminates-agreement-iran-syria-160335242.html

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