September 28, 2023

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Swiss envoy appreciates TPO’s effort to solve problems of intl. firms in Iran

TEHRAN- The Swiss ambassador in Tehran appreciated the efforts made by Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) to solve the problems of international companies present in Iran.

Nadine Olivieri Lozano made the remark in a meeting with TPO Acting Head Mehdi Zeyghami at the place of the organization on Tuesday.

The ambassador of Switzerland in Tehran raised the problems of Swiss companies in Iran, including Nestlé, and asked for the assistance of the TPO head in solving these problems and said: “I am glad that the TPO is doing its best to promote trade and reduce the problems of the international companies.”

Referring to the long-term activity of Swiss companies in Iran, she spoke about the interest of these companies to continue operating in Iran and added: “Swiss companies want to remain in Iran and continue their activities as in previous years.”

Zeyghami, for his part, stated that the Trade Promotion Organization will do its best to solve the problems of the companies.


Photo: TPO Acting Head Mehdi Zeyghami (R) and Swiss Ambassador in Tehran Nadine Olivieri Lozano

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