September 24, 2023

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Shahram Nazeri’s album “The Lost Poet" to be released

TEHRAN – “The Lost Poet”, the latest album by the celebrated Iranian vocalist Shahram Nazeri is planned to be released in the near future. 

Composed by Arashk Rafiei, the album contains poems by Mahmoud Moshref Azad Tehrani (M. Azad). 

Over the past years, the music artists Nazeri and Rafiei have dedicated their talents to creating and performing magnificent musical pieces as a tribute to Nima Yushij, the revered pioneer of modern Persian poetry. 

In 2015, the movie “Iran Burger”, dazzled audiences with its end title song featuring the captivating voice of Nazeri and the composition by Rafiee. 

This masterpiece of music was recognized and honored as the best song at the prestigious 15th edition of the Hafez Awards, Iran’s premier private awards event in the film industry and TV productions, organized every year by the Persian cinematic monthly Donya-ye Tasvir (Picture World).

In addition to various joint collaborations, it is worth mentioning the song “Falling Leaves” with lyrics penned by M. Azad, dedicated to the courageous individuals impacted by the devastating earthquake in Kermanshah in 2017. 

Moreover, their composition “Jan Janam” featuring heartfelt lyrics by Arashk Rafiee serves as a poignant tribute to the survivors of the tragic Ukrainian plane incident in 2019.


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