September 30, 2023

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Saudi Arabia’s embassy opens in Iran for first time in seven years 

TEHRAN – Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Iran has been active since Sunday, according to a report by IRNA News Agency. 

In June, Iran re-opened its embassy in Riyadh after the two West Asian countries showed a thaw in ties and patched up their strained relations. The two sides cut ties in January of 2016 after a series of incidents. 

Iran and Saudi Arabia reached a reconciliation deal in March while announcing their rapprochement in Beijing, China.

Iran’s new envoy to Riyadh has previously called the détente the “beginning of a new era” for the region.  He said the two sides held several rounds of talks in Oman with the presence of Iraqi mediators. Alireza Enayati said Tehran and Riyadh showed equal willingness for de-escalation and are planning to increase cooperation in various fields, including economy, military, culture and technology.

Various Western media outlets have been calling into question the recent reconciliation deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia as the two sides are currently at loggerheads over the Arash\Durra gas field located in the Persian Gulf. But the opening of Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Tehran shows both countries are determined to open a new chapter in their ties. 

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