September 24, 2023

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Problems of Iran can be solved: Raisi

TEHRAN – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has said that Iran’s problems can be solved with hope and a revolutionary spirit. 

Speaking in the meeting of the Council of Ministers on Sunday evening, President Raisi addressed the officials of various departments of the government and stressed that while avoiding getting caught up in marginal matters, they should focus all their attention and focus on solving the country’s problems, according to the official website of the Iranian presidency. 

He described the hopeful, transformative and jihadist and revolutionary spirit of the officials to be the solution to the country’s problems and said, “The general approach of the authorities’ work and action should be aimed at solving the country’s problems and they should not be caught on the margins in this direction”.

Raisi stated that getting caught in any margin that prevents the country’s managers from the main context, which is to serve the people, is definitely a strategic error, stressing the need to persistently and continuously pursue the country’s issues and the people’s demands until results are achieved.

President Raisi also described the actions, services and achievements of the government during the past two years as worthy of explanation and enlightenment for the public opinion, and emphasizing the need to preserve and protect the cultural norms of the society, and said, “Unveiling is breaking the norms and breaking the public privacy of the society, and at the same time is also against Sharia and the law and it is necessary to take action to fix it by relying on the existing laws and public participation”.

Recently, Iranian officials have been underlining the importance of generating hope in the country in the wake of the unrest that gripped Iran in September 2022. Observers say that the enemies of the Islamic Republic used the unrest to sow despair among Iranians. 

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