September 26, 2023

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One million Iranian products to go on display at My Child Festival

TEHRAN – One million Iranian products, specifically designed for children and teenagers under the age of eighteen, across twelve categories, will go on display at the first Iranian My Child Festival, the secretary of the festival has announced. 

“Our goal is to bring together all the different products and services available for children and teenagers, creating a unified and comprehensive ecosystem,” Mehdi Yusefvandi said on Monday. 

“In this edition of the festival, we have collected one million Iranian products with native content and have divided them into twelve categories, including software, toys, books, educational materials, children’s rooms, food and health, sports, and hygiene,” he added. 

Six hundred producers are currently active in these twelve categories, he mentioned. 

Most producers have partnered with the organizers, allowing families to purchase quality products at an affordable price as these products will be discounted between twenty and fifty percent during the festival, he stated.

Charitable institutions that provide services to children and teens can now take advantage of this opportunity to provide for their target community in underprivileged areas, he said and added: “We have made agreements with charitable organizations to allow them to contribute in this regard. Currently, access to affordable and quality children’s and teen’s products has become limited due to inflation, but the social and cultural mandate of My Child is to help people.” 

The exhibition hall spans an area of around three thousand square meters, featuring around three thousand shelves that categorize the products by type, including approximately ten experts per category who are knowledgeable about the products and can assist family members in finding items of interest. 

The festival is aimed at supporting Iranian goods and helping to boost production and business, as well as promoting Iranian culture and encouraging people to use domestically produced goods.

The festival includes booths of stationery, books, cultural goods, domestically-produced toys, and educational products.

The festival will be held from August 22 to September 1 in Tehran’s Mosalla.


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