September 25, 2023

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Multiple spy services behind Shah Cheragh terrorist attack: IRGC 

TEHRAN – Spokesman for Islamic Revolution Guard Corps Ramazan Sharif has told Iranian media that multiple spy services were behind the terrorist act that happened in the southcentral city of Shiraz on Sunday.

Sharif said the terrorist who carried out the attack is a citizen of one of Iran’s neighboring countries but not from Afghanistan. “We will announce the nationality of the terrorist when the right time comes but apparently the man is not an Afghan citizen. It is obvious why certain media outlets are trying to introduce him as an Afghan person. When they started announcing his alleged nationality, there was still not much information on the incident”.

He asserted that foreign media tried their best to use the terror act to its benefit but could not succeed

The IRGC spokesman also announced that several individuals have so far been arrested in connection to the attack. The terrorist who conducted the attack was arrested on the spot. 
“The enemy tried to reach different goals through the Shah Cheragh terrorist operation. Creating religious and ethnic divisions and causing a rift between neighboring countries are one of them,” said the IRGC spokesman. 

Sharif added that terrorists who have been active against Iran have been largely vanished and this is their last attempt at trying to exist.

He underlined that the terrorist was fully armed and had a significant number of munitions on him and was ready to cause a disastrous tragedy but the guards of the shrine were able to stop him due to their alertness and great braveness. 

He reassured the people that the Iranian armed forces will give a decisive response to any mischievous act. “Iranian soldiers are ready to give up their lives to assure the country’s security,” the general declared.

Sunday’s terrorist attack targeting the Shah Cheragh shrine has left two people dead and 7 others injured. It is the second time the site has come under attack. A terrorist opened fire on people in October killing 15 people and injuring more than a dozen others. Daesh took responsibility for the October 2022 attack which was carried out by a man from the Republic of Azerbaijan. Daesh claimed it wanted to take revenge on Iran through the barbaric assault. 

With the help of the Iranian government, the terror group was largely vanquished in Syria and Iraq in the 2010s. 

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