September 30, 2023

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Military attaches from 37 countries inspect Iran’s military achievements

TEHRAN – On Wednesday military attaches from 37 countries visited an exhibition held by Iran’s Ministry of Defense in Tehran, which was organized to commemorate the country’s Defense Industry Day.

The military officials viewed the latest Iranian ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, drones as well as other weapons and equipment. They held a meeting with Iran’s Defense Minister Amir Mohammadreza Ashtiani afterwards.

The exhibition was launched Tuesday with the presence of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and will be viewed by different groups throughout the week. On the inauguration day, Iran unveiled its latest high-technology drone, Mohajer 10, which analysts say is capable of successfully targeting Israel. 

The visit by foreign military officials comes a day after defense minister Ashtiani said many countries are seeking Iranian drones. 

During a televised interview, Ashtiani said Iran has now turned into a global drone power and many states including the U.S. have started to acknowledge that. “Drones play a significant role in combat, and in recent wars, they have proven to be very effective. Today, we have come a long way in terms of drone production, and many countries seek to possess this power. We possess this power, and even the United States acknowledges Iran’s capability in this regard.” 

“We have various types of drones; one of them is Mohajer 6 which has many capabilities. In drones, flight endurance, the ability to carry equipment and ammunition, operational duration, operational radius, and maneuverability are very important which have all been taken into account in Iranian ones,” added the defense chief.

He said many countries can benefit from Iranian drones as they are small in size and low in cost. They can act as kamikaze drones and hit their target with great precision. 

The minister also touched on other Iranian weapons. As for missiles, Ashtiani said Iranian ones are being produced at different ranges in accordance to the different needs of the country’s armed forces. 

 “Missiles are produced in various types and forms in the Ministry of Defense. Our strategic ballistic missiles move in a semi-orbital trajectory and possess high power, capability, and range. Our cruise missiles can be fired from the ground, air or sea and possess different characteristics,” explained the minister. 

Ashtiani also listed Iran’s defense systems and their capabilities, saying, “We have long-range air defense systems such as Bavar 373 and systems like Navvab, Dezful, and Majid which work at lower altitudes.” 

The minister concluded his remarks by saying Iran will not back down from its goals and that the Defense Ministry will work day and night to improve Iran’s armaments.

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