September 26, 2023

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Masoud Sadeghloo on tour in Europe 

TEHRAN-The well-known Iranian pop singer Masoud Sadeghloo will start his concert tour in Europe from mid-September, performing in seven European cities.

According to the tour schedule, he will begin his performances in Brussels, Belgium, on September 15 and a week later on September 22 he will perform in Vienna, Austria, IRNA reported on Monday.

Then from September 23 to October 1, he will go live in three German cities including Darmstadt, Stuttgart, and Nuremberg.

On October 6, Sadeghloo will perform in Paris, France, and his last concert will be held in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands, on October 7.

His performance in Paris will be the first concert by an Iranian pop singer in the city. 

The city of Paris, as one of the cultural capitals of Europe, has welcomed the world’s greatest music artists in previous years; however, no pop singer from Iran has ever performed there, and Sadeghloo, 37, is going to do it for the first time.

Active in the field of music as a singer for over seven years, Sadeghloo has so far released about 50 songs.

Being popular especially with the younger generation, he has staged many concerts in Tehran and other cities across Iran. Sadeghloo also held concerts in Australia and the UAE in the past months.


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