September 26, 2023

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Iranian movies line up for Shimla film festival

TEHRAN – A lineup of 13 movies by Iranian filmmakers will be screened at the 9th edition of the International Film Festival of Shimla, which will be held in the Indian city from September 22 to 24.

“For The Sake of Ava” by Mohsen Seraji, “Punch Drunk” by Adel Tabrizi and “Nargesi” by Payam Eskandari are among the films.

“For The Sake of Ava” is a story about a group of teenage girls who are part of a theater group and are trying to attend a festival abroad. Ava, an Iranian-Afghan immigrant, is the main actress in the group and is struggling to obtain a passport. The film highlights the challenges and resilience of young artists pursuing their dreams in the face of adversity.

Set in Tehran in 1996, the story of “Punch Drunk” follows Mahtab who lives along with her 10-year-old child, Erfan. She is divorced from her husband, Morteza, who is in jail. Mahtab has enrolled her child in a karate class so that he does not end up like his father as far as his character is concerned. Erfan’s only interest is cinema and could not care less about sports. Hassan Khoshnud, the tough and serious karate instructor with his dictatorial methods causes Erfan to run away one day from the karate academy in the middle of exercises.

“Nargesi” follows Hossein, who has Down’s syndrome. His greatest wish is to find love and get married and for this, he is ready at doing anything. It seems, however, that there is no place for him and his love in this world until a gift completely turns his life around.

“Motherhood In Captive” by Maryam Ebrahimvand will be competing in the documentary section of the festival, while “Dot” by Mohammad Zare and “Fallen Shadows at Sunset” co-directed by Hiva Amini and Mehdi Golnari will go on screen at the animation section of the event. 

The lineup also includes Iranian short films “Knife, Chocolate” by Hushmand Varaei, “For Child Never Born” by Afsaneh Aqanejad, “Like A Dog” by Hamid Naseri Moqaddam and “NELUMBO” by Abbas Khademorasul. 

“The Dream I’ve Never Had” by Majid Halvai, “Dawn of Death” by Armin Rajaei and “The Pledge” by Maryam Veismoradi will also go on screen at this section of the festival. 

The International Film Festival of Shimla aims to showcase the world’s best cinema and develop taste for good cinema among the youths and to provide a platform for independent filmmakers & to promote Indian regional cinema.

Photo: A scene from “Nargesi” by Payam Eskandari



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