September 26, 2023

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Iranian director’s “Melody” represents Tajikistan for Oscar 2024

TEHRAN – Iranian director Behrouz Sebt Rasoul’s movie “Melody” has been selected to represent Tajikistan at the 2024 Academy Awards.

A co-production between Iran and Tajikistan, the film is set to be submitted to the international feature film award at the 2024 Oscars.

The film has been officially nominated by TV Safina and the Union of Cinematographers of Tajikistan, as their official submission for the prestigious International Feature Film category at the next year’s Oscars.

The Union of Cinematographers of Tajikistan is an organization appointed by AMPAS to select the Tajikistan’s submission for consideration for the International Feature Film Award (formerly known as the Foreign Language Film Award) at the Oscars.

“Melody” tells the story of a young musician girl, Melody, who is determined to compose a heartfelt piece for children battling cancer, using the recorded sounds of thirty different birds, despite the presence of hunters in the area. 

She returns to her home village in order to capture the beautiful sounds of the birds and receives assistance from the speechless caretaker of her family’s house, Mango. 

After discovering a mere twenty birds, Mango reveals to her that the location of the remaining birds is known only to the wise village singer, who has been driven away from the village by the bird hunters. Melody embarks on a journey to locate both him and the missing birds.

Set in a stunning natural backdrop, the story unfolds amidst the enchanting beauty of the surroundings. Screenwriter Sebt Rasoul skillfully incorporates elements like birds, children, music, and nature itself to elevate the narrative, transforming the film into a mesmerizing experience.

Sebt Rasoul’s third feature film combines the captivating elements of social genre with a touch of mysticism. 

The filmmaker has already enjoyed a remarkable presence in renowned international festivals and has now unveiled a poetic movie on the global stage.

The film stars Iranian actor Diman Zandi, Alireza Ostadi and Meghdad Eslami from Iran as well as    Safar Haqdodov and Zulfiya Sadikova from Tajikistan. 

Dreamlab Films, the France-based international distributor under Iranian film expert Nasrin Mirshab, is handling the international sales and distribution of “Melody”.

Photo: A scene from “Melody” by Iranian director Behrouz Sebt Rasoul


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