September 24, 2023

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Iran starts producing the most modern, accurate satellite

TEHRAN- The head of the Iranian Space Organization (ISA) announced on Thursday the launch of the production process of “Pars-3”, Iran’s “state-of-the-art and accurate” satellite.

“Previously, we had given some promises about the production of remote sensing satellites with high accuracy,” Hassan Salarieh said.

“Today, I proudly announce that the ISA has taken a very important step in the area of designing and producing indigenous remote sensing satellites with very good accuracy,” Salarieh explained.

He mentioned “Pars-2” and “Pars-3” as examples of satellites whose manufacturing has officially started.

Salarieh recognized Pars-2 and Pars-3 as satellites with imaging accuracies of four and two meters, respectively.

Iran is one of the top 10 nations in the world for satellite manufacture and launch capabilities.

In 2009, Iran launched its first satellite named Omid (Hope). And in 2011, Rasad (Observation) was placed into orbit.

Navid (Good News), Iran’s third homegrown satellite, was successfully launched in 2012.

Iran declared the successful launch of its first military satellite in April 2020. It also launched a second military satellite into orbit in March 2022.

Iran also put Khayyam, a high-resolution imaging satellite, into orbit in August of last year. Using a Soyuz 2.1 B rocket, the satellite was launched into orbit from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, which is run by Moscow.

Iranian experts created and produced two domestic communications and imaging satellites, which were presented in February.

The two scientific breakthroughs, known as Nahid-2 (Venus-2) and Tolou-3 (Sunrise-3), were displayed during a ceremony held in Tehran in May to celebrate Iran’s National Space Technology Day.

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