September 30, 2023

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Iran renews IRGC navy apparatus with strategic equipment

TEHRAN – The IRGC Navy was delivered on Saturday a series of new homegrown military equipment, including missiles, drones and electronic warfare systems.

The new weapons were delivered during a ceremony attended by Islamic Revolution Guard Corps chief commander Hossein Salami and IRCG Navy commander Ali Reza Tangsiri.

The addition is supposed to put “Everywhere in the oceans across the world within the naval sphere of Iran’s influence,” according to Major General Salami. 

Tangsiri, commented on some of the newly added equipment, saying Iranian drones used by the IRGC Navy have received heavier warheads and the fleets’ cruise and ballistic missiles now have a wider range. The projectiles have also become equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) and will take less time to prepare, he added. 

Also speaking during the ceremony, Major General Salami warned that what’s been unveiled from Iran’s military capabilities so far is only the tip of the iceberg. “Iranians work independently and do not rely on other powers. They sometimes reveal small parts of their military achievements so the enemy can be accurate in its calculations,” said the IRGC commander. 

Salami also said that Iran owes a big part of its accomplishments to the sanctions that have been imposed against the country. “After decades of resistance we finally managed to rise up. The enemy has been the main cause of our improvement”. 

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