September 25, 2023

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Iran, Kurdistan region to expand co-op between free zones

TEHRAN – Hojatollah Abdolmaleki, the secretary of Iran’s Free Zones High Council, and Kamal Muslim Saeed, Minister of Trade and Industry of Kurdistan Regional Government met on Sunday in Erbil and discussed ways of expanding cooperation between the two sides’ free zones.

Speaking at the meeting, Abdolmaleki underlined some of the capacities and suitable areas for strengthening economic relations between Iran and the Kurdistan region and said: “The approach of the Islamic Republic of Iran is to increase trade relations between the countries of the region.”

Stating that one-third of Iran’s non-oil exports are made through free zones, he added: “70 percent of border transit is also done through these free zones.”

Emphasizing that many of Iran’s free zones such as Baneh, Marivan, Qasr-e-Shirin, and Mehran are close to the Kurdistan Region, Abdolmaleki stated: “We are ready to cooperate and create joint free zones at the border with the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.”

Further in the meeting, Muslim Saeed also pointed out the importance of developing economic relations with Iran and said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran has been with the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in difficult times and we believe that Iran is an advanced country that is on the path of development.”

He expressed the region’s readiness to develop any joint cooperation in the economic field with Iran and said: “We can use the capabilities of the Islamic Republic for the benefit of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.”

Abdolmaleki paid a three-day visit to the Kurdistan region to attend the Sulaymaniyah International Tourism Exhibition which was wrapped up on Sunday.


Photo: Secretary of Iran’s Free Zones High Council Hojatollah Abdolmaleki (C) and Minister of Trade and Industry of Kurdistan Regional Government Kamal Muslim Saeed (R)

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