May 28, 2024

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Iran cannot be isolated: ambassador

TEHRAN – Tehran’s ambassador to Russia has said that Iran’s membership in the BRICS group, along with the country’s capabilities, pave the way for further business interactions for Iran.

The South African president announced on Thursday that Iran and five other countries – Argentina, Ethiopia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE – will join BRICS on January 1, 2024.
“Iran’s membership in the BRICS group shows the failure of the plan to isolate Iran in the international arena, and after this, we can use our great internal capacities to take a more appropriate action with the BRICS members in business interactions,” said Kazem Jalali.

On the merits of Iran’s membership in the BRICS group, Jalali highlighted the impossibility of Iran being either sanctioned or isolated, which proves the failure of the enemies’ plans to push Iran to the corner. 

Referring to Iran’s membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the diplomat told the IRNA news agency that despite others’ thoughts toward the difficulty of Iran’s membership in BRICS, the country is now officially announced as a member of the group. 

“The basic premise of the establishment of the BRICS bloc is the strong economic infrastructures of the countries that are willing to develop economic interactions,” stated Jalali. 

Ambassador Jalali also pointed to the U.S. which is making all its efforts to abuse its economic power and dollar to absorb the world’s economic structure and trade exchanges. 

Having referred to the BRICS states’ territorial size, population, economy, and political capacity, he emphasized Iran’s serious determination to counter unilateralism and the country’s major contribution to bolstering the economic and political goals of BRICS. 

Jalali called Iran’s membership in BRICS its “right” in the new global structure since the Islamic Republic has already paid a lot to change the status quo and counter unilateralism.   

“Emerging economic powers, including the (current) five members of the BRICS group, have a very good share in the markets” in terms of population, land, and gross domestic product, Jalali noted, saying that the U.S. is no more in the peak of its economic power.

Emphasizing Iran’s interaction with the emerging powers, the ambassador said, “Iran enjoys high economic capacity.” 

The diplomat cited great energy riches, industrial and economic production, mineral capacity, and special location at the transit crossroads of the world as Iran’s privileges. 

Jalali termed “economy” the main front where the enemies keep fighting with Iran, adding that the Raisi administration has made great achievements using the existing capacities.  

He went on to say that “de-dollarization” has been the slogan of the Islamic Republic of Iran, where the countries can use other currencies in their commercial transactions because the dollar is naturally considered the controlling factor of the economy of other countries. 

In the end, the ambassador pointed out the similarity and the alignment between the BRICS and Iran in economic and political fields.   

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