September 28, 2023

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Hamedan ready to host intl. children’s theater festival

TEHRAN – Hamedan is prepared to host the 28th edition of Iran’s International Theater Festival for Children and Young Adults, an official with the provincial government has announced. 

Despite the recent news claiming that Hamedan is incapable of hosting the children’s theater festival due to a failure to adhere to standard protocols, the truth is that the city is fully prepared and equipped to successfully host the prestigious event, Mehdi Akhavan said on Tuesday. 

The culture ministry has the important responsibility of organizing various cultural and artistic events, such as theater festivals, he added.

These events are carefully managed and supervised by government organizations to ensure that resources are utilized efficiently, he explained. 

However, as part of a collaborative effort, Hamedan province has generously agreed to shoulder around 50 percent of the expenses related to accommodation and hospitality for festival guests, following previous agreements, he noted. 

The remarkable dedication and financial investment of Hamedan province in organizing the 27th edition of the festival cannot be overlooked, he stated. 

Countless efforts were made to ensure its success, such as renovating and equipping show halls throughout the province, conducting extensive publicity through newspapers and newsletters, as well as accommodating and hosting guests, he mentioned. 

“Additionally, the provision of 20 vehicles, both light and heavy-duty, to transport visitors and artists, demonstrates the province’s commitment to convenience,” he said and added: “Moreover, the opportunity given to visitors to explore historical and tourist sites adds an extra element of cultural richness to the festival.”

This year, with full preparation, the province expressed its desire to host the latest edition of the festival, he noted. 

The province eagerly awaits the festival, and there are no obstacles this year that could hinder its successful organization, he concluded. 

In 2022, Iran’s International Theater Festival for Children and Young Adults returned after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic with participants from five countries.

Troupes from Italy, Greece, Turkey, Armenia and Iraq attended the festival in Hamedan to perform their latest productions.

Amir Mashhadi-Abbas, the president of the festival lamented the lack of respect and financial support for the festival from officials.

In last year’s edition, “A Soup for the Reconciliation Party” directed by Mohammad Jahanpa won the best theater award. 

Set designer Mehdi Sharifi and music composer Omid-Sanjar Musavi were awarded for their collaboration in this play.

The award for best actor was given to Ali Tarimi for his role in “Geppetto” directed by Oshan Mahmudi.

The play also brought Azin Nazeri the award for best actress. In addition, Shahab Mahmudi won the award for best costume designer for his collaboration in this production.

In the Children’s Theater competition, the award for best play was given to “Playing Room” directed by Arian Nasserimehr.

Director and writer Sharareh Tayyar’s troupe received the special jury award for their performance “Everybody in On Frame”.
Tayyar was also picked as best playwright for writing the play, for which Amir-Hossein Ensafi won the award for best actor.

Fatemeh Khodbandelu was selected as best actress for her role in “Ding, Ding, Dang”, which brought the award for best set designer to Hamed Zahmatkesh.

In the Street Theater category, “A Certain Day” directed by Mehdi Habibi was picked as best play and its star Hurad Habibi won the special jury award.


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