September 28, 2023

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Enemy seeks to polarize society on hijab: MP

TEHRAN – Iranian lawmaker Ali Nikzad has said that the enemy has targeted the hijab as an important social factor to create societal polarizations that aim to break unity. 

In remarks to Mehr News, Nikzad said that no country accepts that their security whether military or cultural be endangered. 

“We all should note that the issue of hijab as an important religious and cultural factor has been targeted by the enemy, which also seeks to create unity-breaking polarizations in society using this factor,” he said, adding that the enemy will fail to achieve this goal. 

Nikzad also touched on a hijab bill being discussed in the parliament. Based on a decision by the Supreme National Security Council, he said, the government or the Judiciary should present the bill on chastity and hijab to the parliament. 

He continued, “Therefore, the parliament did not formulate a plan for chastity and hijab. After the Judiciary compiled the Chastity and Hijab bill and presented it to the parliament through the government, it was referred to the judicial and cultural commissions of the parliament for review.”

“In the Chastity and Hijab bill, it is stated that people who have social influence or are celebrities, if they take action against the Chastity and Hijab Law, they will be dealt with,” he said.

“In sum, the Chastity and Hijab bill says that we all must respect each other’s social rights,” the lawmaker said. 

He added, “The emphasis in the Chastity and Hijab bill is to deal decisively with those who deliberately and with the cooperation of hostile countries take organized actions to promote unveiling and bad hijab in the society.”

The Iranian parliament has recently been reviewing the bill which aims to put an end to the trend of unveiling. 

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