September 28, 2023

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DOE opposes trawling in Persian Gulf

TEHRAN- The Department of Environment (DOE) has announced opposition to the implementation of trawling in the Persian Gulf.

“The Department of the Environment’s position on trawling is clear,” Mohammad Talebi-Matin, an official with the Department of Environment, said, IRIB reported.

“But to support the livelihood of local communities, including those living in the three coastal provinces of Khuzestan, Bushehr, and Hormozgan, the Department agrees with fishing using traditional vessels in specific parts and in a time period of 30 to 45 days that starts in mid-summer and ends in mid-fall.” 

He went on to say trawling in the Sea of Oman is allowed only at a distance of 12 miles and a depth of 200 meters based on the fish stock reported by the fisheries organization.

Trawling a catastrophe

Trawling can be divided into bottom trawling, midwater trawling, and bottom trawling depending on how high the trawl (net) is in the water column, the worst of which is bottom trawling.

It is a fishing practice that herds and captures the target species, like groundfish or crabs, by towing a net along the ocean floor.

The bottom trawling causes large-scale damage to the seabed by pulling heavy fishing nets on the seabed. It can also lead to the breaking of coral reefs, the destruction of grasslands, damage to important habitats, the death of endangered species, and the extinction of marine ecosystems.

It also greatly reduces the biomass of seabed species, alters the composition of the marine ecosystem, suspends sediments, and disrupts the biogeochemical cycle that supports ecosystem function.

It should be noted that according to the law on hunting and fishing, matters related to fishing and its monitoring are the responsibility of the DOE only in wetlands, rivers, and areas under the management of the organization, while in sea and water areas, the Fisheries Organization is the responsible body so that the lack of a responsible organization can be a barrier to stop trawling.


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