September 25, 2023

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Daesh would have overrun Europe without IRGC, Raisi says

TEHRAN- Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has praised the role the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps played in the fight against terrorism in the region, stating Daesh terrorists would have taken control of the whole Europe without the IRGC’s sacrifices.

In his address to the second day of the Supreme Assembly of Commanders of the IRGC on Friday in Tehran, Raisi said, “If it weren’t for the actions of the IRGC and the ardent fighters of the Islamic Ummah against Daesh, Europe would have been under the control of the terror group by now.”

Raisi also said, “The peaceful life that Europe enjoys today is a result of the efforts of the IRGC; however, it is unfortunate that they are assassinating the heroes who combat terrorism and labeling the IRGC, which leads the fight against terrorism, as terrorists.”

The Islamic Republic’s founder, Ayatollah Khomeini, formed the IRGC on April 22, 1979, as a paramilitary group entrusted with guarding the nascent Islamic Republic.

The IRGC had to counter internal and external threats in the first decade of the Islamic Revolution. It was engaged in wars against separatist groups and resisted the invading army of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, which launched a bloody war against Iran in 1980 that lasted until 1988. In that war, the IRGC fought the invaders along with the regular Army of the Islamic Republic. In the recent decade, the IRGC has also made significant sacrifices in the fight against terrorist groups, including Daesh.
In other parts of his remarks, Raisi emphasized the opponents’ defeat in the country’s deadly uprisings the previous year.

“Enemies believed that they could undermine the Islamic Revolution and our Islamic establishment through riots. However, little did they know that the sacred establishment of the Islamic Republic has turned into a mighty tree,” he added.

Following their failed attempt against Iran, they sent messages admitting their mistakes throughout the events, he argued.

Following the grisly death of a young Iranian woman, Mahsa Amini, foreign-backed protests erupted across Iran in September 2022 that sporadically lasted for about three months.

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