September 24, 2023

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Cooperation with Brazil favors multilateralism, long-term stability: Iran

TEHRAN- Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri Kani has said that Iran-Brazil collaboration in the international arena would be critical in promoting multilateral mechanisms and long-term stability and security.

Speaking in the 12th round of political talks between Iran and Brazil on Thursday in Brasilia, Bagheri Kani stated that collaboration between the two countries will also help protect the interests of independent nations.

The political dialogue session was presided over by Bagheri Kani and Carlos Sergio Sobral Duarte, secretary for Africa and the Middle East at Brazil’s Foreign Ministry.

Extremism and unilateralism are on the decline around the world and that stability would be supported on the basis of multilateralism if each nation contributes to political, economic, and international processes in accordance with its own capacity, the Iranian diplomat said.  

In other parts of his remarks, Bagheri Kani pointed out that the two nations are committed to holding a joint economic committee meeting soon.

He went on to say that the “complementary economic capacities” between Iran and Brazil “herald sustainable and stable economic cooperation” between the two states.

Senior officials from Iran and Brazil also spoke about measures to expand and diversify trade relations and foster collaboration in the fields of science, tourism, environment, and legislative affairs.

They also expressed opposition to unilateral sanctions and suggested multilateralism and diplomatic solutions to the world’s lingering issues.

The necessity for multilateralism and peaceful dispute resolution was also underscored by the two parties.

They condemned unilateral sanctions and emphasized the importance of multilateral frameworks like BRICS in fostering lasting peace and progress.

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