September 24, 2023

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Biden administration surrenders to Iran

In a commentary, Kayhan discussed the West’s reaction to the agreement to exchange several prisoners and release 6 billion dollars of Iran’s blocked money in South Korea.

 It said: Experts of the anti-Iran think tank “Foundation for Defense of Democracies” in America said that the prisoner exchange agreement shows Biden’s weakness towards Iran and it is a sign of weakness in sanctions policies.

Mark Dubowitz, head of the FDD, believes that it is good news that the American “hostages illegally” arrested by the Iranian “regime” are returning home. But paying a $6 billion “ransom” only means the regime will take more hostages. This action has become a profitable tool to extort the U.S. The American think tank’s use of terms such as “hostage-taking” and “blackmailing” are instances of falsification. They were detained because they were spying on Iran and their crime is clear. Secondly, the real hostage-taker is the evil American government, which has put pressure on some governments to not pay Iran’s money so that the Iranian people submit to American blackmail. But now, with the help of God and the efforts of the Iranian nation, everything has changed and America is forced to retreat step by step.

Iran: Has the JCPOA been abandoned?

In a note, the Iran newspaper discussed the JCPOA and negotiations between Iran and the United States by quoting Amir Ali Abolfath, an expert on American issues, who had said: “A new level of dialogue between Iran and the United States has been formed, which is to some extent far from the negotiations on lifting sanctions under the framework of the JCPOA.”

However, after Biden came to power it was proven that his administration was not capable enough in returning to the JCPOA. In addition, the level of tension with Iran also increased as the U.S. launched psychological operations against Iran by abusing some internal events inside the Islamic Republic. Therefore, the American government was under pressure because unlike its promise to return to the JCPOA it did not take an effective step. Also, when it seemed that it had taken measures to return to the JCPOA, it came under pressure from another group of radical Republicans. This situation forced the American president to reduce tension with Iran so that the two sides would try their luck with a different approach and of course bilaterally. The negotiations that Tehran and Washington followed up silently were based on this new approach and agreement. The exchange of prisoners is also a sign of the effectiveness of these negotiations.

Vatan-e-Emrooz: A needle in the illusion of regime change 

The riots that happened in the country last fall on the pretext of Mahsa Amini’s death followed the project of overthrowing the Islamic Republic. The United States and other Western countries, including England and France, also sought to achieve this goal by supporting the anti-Iranian active groups in the riots. The United States, as the main supporter of the unrest in Iran, was so immersed in the illusion of the results of the unrest in the early days of the riots that it stopped the negotiations to release the blocked assets of Iran. But now that a few months have passed since the end of the riots in Iran and the project of toppling the Islamic Republic system has failed and an agreement made to release Iran’s assets in South Korea, the Americans have a feeling of disappointment to revive the riot project and overthrow the ruling system. This time they did not want to sacrifice the opportunity for an agreement with Iran for the sake of the Iranian opposition which has always faced defeats. Of course, the agreement between Iran and the United States to release the Iranian frozen assets has another aspect. The anti-Iranian groups, which had counted on the help of the West to provoke a riot in Iran, now find themselves without a supporter and are angry at the action of the Americans.

Resalat: Canada is the new nest of MKO

Resalat analyzed the transfer of Camp Ashraf 3 from Albanian to Canada. It wrote: The leaders of the terrorist group (MKO) are preparing to transfer the camp of this group from Albania to Canada. This decision has been taken following the serious determination of the government and the special anti-terrorism court of Albania to limit this group due to the documents discovered in the Ashraf 3 camp. The Canadian government, which has followed a policy of hostility towards Iran in recent years, had become a safe refuge for big embezzlers and enemies of Iran, and now it seems that it is going to become the new shelter of the most known terrorist group against Iran. Upon the severe limitations created in the camp, Maryam Rajavi’s silence has provoked internal discords and organizational collapse after the Albanian police attacked their camp. In addition, frank expression of criticisms and contradictions by the members has increased unprecedentedly.

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