October 1, 2023

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America is forced to agree with Iran on various crises

In a note, Kayhan discussed the recent agreement between Iran and the United States and said: Anyone who has witnessed the tortuous process of negotiations with Iran on the nuclear issue knows that there is currently no basic agreement with Iran, but only tactical agreements.

Tehran seeks major influence in at least four Arab capitals (Beirut, Damascus, Sana’a, and Baghdad) and supports attacks against U.S. forces. 

In addition, the Islamic Republic now plays an important role in supporting Russia’s attack on Ukraine, and finally, there is the nuclear issue. Simply put, America has a strategic problem with Iran, but it does not have a strategic solution for it. Washington’s efforts, from the JCPOA to the latest efforts to reduce tension through a series of understandings, are all non-transformative, temporary and partial agreements. The domestic policies in Iran and the United States limit all diplomatic efforts, and these limits determine what can be agreed upon in the end.

Shargh: Implementation phase of reconciliation

In a commentary, Shargh discussed the visit of Iran’s foreign minister to Saudi Arabia. It wrote: Iran-Saudi relations have entered a new and serious stage. And after the first meeting in Beijing and Faisal bin Farhan’s trip to Tehran, the visit of Iran’s foreign minister to Saudi Arabia played an important role in advancing various aspects of this new path of diplomacy so that the two important regional countries reduce tensions, talk about improving relations and prepare plans to revive economic and security cooperation documents and sign new agreements in various areas, even sports. Although Amir Abdollahian was making his first visit to Saudi Arabia, with a bilateral meeting and discussion with Faisl bin Farhan, the minister of foreign affairs of Saudi Arabia, the most serious news surfaced when the meeting in Jeddah surfaced as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman hosted the minister of foreign affairs of our country to start a new and serious chapter in the relations. The crown prince of Saudi Arabia, while emphasizing the strategic view of Saudi Arabia about Iran, said that these meetings and relations will have fundamental effects on the development and deepening of bilateral and multilateral relations.

Ham Mihan: Iran’s welcome to the Persian Gulf talks

In an analysis, Ham Mihan discussed the formation of the dialogue assembly of the countries of the Persian Gulf region and their upcoming meeting at the United Nations General Assembly in New York. It wrote: This is an event that is considered a valuable event and even a kind of achievement by the authorities in Iran. However, experts believe that this issue would limit part of Iran’s national security and interests, take the security of the Persian Gulf out of the control of regional countries and open the way for international organizations to interfere in the region. Certainly, the improvement of Iran’s relations with the Arab countries is desirable and effective in securing national interests, but at the same time the strategic competition and conflict between the interests of Iran and these countries still exist, and it is not correct to think that the view of these countries on regional and international issues will undergo a fundamental and rapid transformation because the Persian Gulf Arab countries are unlikely to cooperate with Iran as long as NATO and America exist. But it should be known that America needs to de-escalate tension in the region for two reasons: the war in Ukraine and the elections in America in 2024. As a result, America’s strategy at the current stage is de-escalation.

Arman-e Melli: Trump’s anger from agreement

The former American president criticized the agreement of the Biden administration with Iran to exchange prisoners and release blocked Iranian money by making claims against Iran, Arman-e Melli said in an analysis. The newspaper said: The Washington Examiner wrote that former U.S. President Donald Trump considered the recent prisoner exchange agreement between Tehran and Washington, which also included the release of blocked Iranian oil income in South Korea, as a “shameful” agreement. Criticizing Joe Biden’s government, Trump said in a video message: “This was another surrender by the Biden government and a severe humiliation of America in the world arena. But worse than that, this decision will be really fatal.” However,  Financial Times, in an analytical report, evaluated the exchange of prisoners between Iran and the United States as a positive step towards building trust between the two countries and wrote: In a situation where tensions between Tehran and Washington are still strong, any measure to de-escalate tensions should be welcomed.

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