September 25, 2023

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Albania blocks MKO access to Internet

TEHRAN – The Albanian government has blocked the access of the MKO members to the Internet in their camp near Tirana.

The Albanian government has turned off Internet access at the Ashraf-3 camp outside Manze, a small hill hamlet 30 kilometers west of Tirana.

It is the latest restrictive measure by the Albanian government in the face of MKO cyberattacks.

According to an informed security source, the notorious cultish members have been compelled to use mobile Internet or illicit techniques for cyber operations since Albania is firm to keep a lid on the terrorist activities of the group also called MEK.

As a result of the MKO’s involvement in “terror and cyber-attacks” against international institutions, the Albanian police forces conducted a raid on the camp in June.

They seized 150 computer devices used for sabotage attacks.

During the clashes at the camp, at least one MKO terrorist was killed and several more were injured.

On August 12, Kazem Gharibabadi, secretary of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights, said Tehran had filed a huge case against more than 100 members of the cultish organization, which has killed tens of thousands of Iranians.

He said that Iran is seeking to rid the world of terrorism and terrorist organizations.

Gharibabadi also noted that 107 prominent members of the MKO are the subject of the huge lawsuit that has been sent to an Iranian court for adjudication.

The defendants have been notified through email and that a separate branch has been established to handle the case, the human rights chief added.

“The court will soon start its work in accordance with the provisions of the criminal procedure,” he noted.

Gharibabadi reaffirmed Iran’s resolve to use all its resources to combat terrorism, particularly the MKO terrorist group.

The top human rights official also decried the fact that members of the MKO roam in several Western nations despite murdering countless innocent Iranian individuals.

He went on to continue, “In parallel with the legal, judicial and political pressures that Iran has exerted on some countries housing MKO members, those states have also independently come to the conclusion that the MKO is really a terrorist group. They are placing limitations on them, and we welcome the restrictive measures against the MKO terrorists.”

The senior rights official further stated that Tehran will not be satisfied with the host nations’ present course of conduct and demanded that they be either expelled or brought to justice. 

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