December 2, 2023

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Twelve medical science universities on Leiden ranking

TEHRAN – Twelve universities of medical sciences from Iran are on the Leiden ranking 2023 list.

From among 72 universities of medical science in the country, 12 universities are on the Leiden list. Tehran, Shahid Beheshti, and Tabriz universities rank first to third among the Iranian universities, IRNA reported.

In Total, 46 Iranian universities are among the 1,411 top universities in the world.

Last year, 44 universities from Iran were listed in this ranking.

Among Islamic countries, Iran ranks first, followed by Turkey and Egypt with 36 and 13 universities respectively, ISNA reported.

The CWTS Leiden Ranking 2023 offers important insights into the scientific performance of over 1400 major universities worldwide. Select your preferred indicators, generate results, and explore the performance of universities.

The Leiden Ranking provides indicators of scientific impact, collaboration, open-access publishing, and gender diversity. Size matters when comparing universities: performance can be viewed from an absolute or a relative perspective (e.g., the number versus the percentage of highly cited publications). 

Compared with other university rankings, the Leiden Ranking offers more advanced bibliometric indicators. The underlying methodology is richly documented. The Leiden Ranking provides information exclusively about the research done at universities.

Research is represented in publications, and carefully collected data about these publications forms the basis for the Leiden Ranking. This basis also ensures the independence of the Leiden Ranking, since there is no reliance on data submitted by the universities themselves. 

Recently, the 20th edition of the QS World University Rankings (2024) has placed seven Iranian universities among the world’s top institutes, compared with six universities in 2023.

The Ranking features 1,500 institutions across 104 locations and is the only ranking of its kind to emphasize employability and sustainability.

The number of top Iranian universities and research institutes in the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) database has increased from 112 last year (March 2022-March 2023) to 115 this year, the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) has reported.

The number of top Iranian universities and research institutes in this database has increased from 112 last year to 115 this year.

The Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2023 has placed 65 Iranian universities among the top Asian institutions.

The Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings 2023 use the same 13 performance indicators as the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, but they are recalibrated to reflect the attributes of Asia’s institutions.

The universities are judged across all their core missions – teaching, research, knowledge transfer, and international outlook – to provide the most comprehensive and balanced comparisons available.

In the 2023 edition of the Times Higher Education’s Asian University Ranking System, the names of 928 institutions from 36 Asian countries are included in the final list. In the previous edition of this ranking system, 58 universities from Iran were among the top institutions in Asia, IRNA reported.

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