September 28, 2023

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TPO hosts meeting of Iranian business centers’ heads

TEHRAN – Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) hosted the first meeting of the representatives of the country’s business centers in foreign countries on Monday, IRNA reported.

As reported, the meeting was chaired by TPO Caretaker Mehdi Zeyghami.

Speaking in the gathering, Zeyghami said Iran currently has 45 active business centers in various countries, stressing that the government is determined to make the best use of the capacities of the country’s private sector in expanding trade relations.

Pointing out that Iranian economy has passed the concentration and dependence on oil exports and crude sales, the official said: “Last year, we exported 53 billion dollars of non-oil products.”

Referring to the fact that the country is currently far from its ideal economic and trade goals, Zeyghami noted that developing trade infrastructures, maximum use of export terminals, holding exhibitions and exchanging trade delegations are among the tools that the TPO can use to expand economic relations.

Emphasizing that trade centers abroad have an effective role in promoting economic exchanges with target countries, he added: “Commercial attaches are another government tool that can facilitate exports and help to solve issues that require diplomatic intervention.”

According to the official currently 20 attachés are active around the world, and the number is going to increase to 40 in the near future.

He further noted that the government is going to support the private sector investors that are willing to partake in establishing trade centers in foreign countries.

Referring to the holding of Iran Expo international exhibition a few months ago, he said: “more than 60 percent of the participants had come to Iran for the first time and the country’s market was new to them, so we should focus more on such events so that the country’s products are introduced more to the target markets.”


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