December 10, 2023

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Tehran to host cartoon exhibition on condemnation of Quran desecration     

TEHRAN – A cartoon, caricature and poster exhibition on condemnation of Quran desecration in some European countries opened on Tuesday in Art Bureau in the Iranian capital of Tehran. 

The works of the artists condemning the boldness and insult to the Holy Book of Muslims, the Quran, have been showcased in the exhibition titled ‘Fire against the Light’.   

The exhibition is underway until August 5 in Aali Gallery of the bureau. 
Anger has grown across the Islamic countries when a second act of insult against the holy Quran happened in Sweden with the apparent consent from politicians and police authorities in the country.

Another case of Quran desecration happened in Denmark last Friday when a man set fire to a copy of the holy Quran on a square across from the Iraqi embassy in Copenhagen.

That came weeks after a man set ablaze a copy of the Quran during an event in front of the Iraqi embassy in Stockholm, Sweden.


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