September 25, 2023

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Palestine issue can only be settled by ending occupation: diplomat

TEHRAN- Amir Saeed Iravani, the Permanent Representative of Iran to the UN, has condemned the Zionist regime for its crimes against the Palestinian people and asserted that the only way to settle the conflict in Palestine is to put an end to the occupation.

Iravani made the statement on Thursday during an open debate of “the situation in the Middle East, including the Question of Palestine” before the United Nations Security Council.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran remains steadfast in its belief that the conflict in Palestine can only be resolved through ending the occupation and recognizing the inalienable rights of self-determination of the Palestinian people,” he added.

The following is the full text of Iravani’s speech before the UN Security Council:

The situation in the Occupied Palestine Territories remains a pressing and deeply concerning matter that requires immediate attention and action from the international community. The Israeli regime’s violence and gross and systemic violation of human rights against the Palestinian people continue unabated.

As documented in the UN reports, innocent lives, including women and children, are being tragically lost due to Israeli ongoing violence. Additionally, the seizure, demolition, and forced eviction of Palestinian homes continue to exacerbate the already dire situation.

The recent escalation of Israeli aggression is of particular concern, as illustrated by the attack on the Jenin refugee camp. This aggressive action resulted in the loss of civilian lives, including women and children, and the destruction of vital civilian infrastructure. UN agencies’ reports provide a heart-breaking depiction of the situation in the Jenin camp, highlighting the widespread destruction and its profound impact on the traumatized population.

Furthermore, the intensification of Israeli military raids, arrests, and destruction in the West Bank, along with violence and terror from extremist Israeli settlers, has compounded the already dire humanitarian situation for Palestinians. This constant state of aggression not only infringes on their basic human rights but also obstructs their access to essential services and hinders their economic development.

Meanwhile, as a collective punishment against its population, the continued blockade of Gaza is a clear expression of a war crime and a crime against humanity.

It is regrettable that the Security Council has remained silent, rendering UN resolutions ineffective, and leaving the Palestinian people to endure ongoing atrocities.

The lack of accountability has emboldened and even encouraged this despicable regime to continue violating UN resolutions, including those adopted by the Security Council.

 Sympathy alone is no longer enough. The Security Council must take responsibility for enforcing its resolutions, act decisively to end the occupation and ensure Palestinian rights are protected.

The Islamic Republic of Iran remains steadfast in its belief that the conflict in Palestine can only be resolved through ending the occupation and recognizing the inalienable rights of self-determination of the Palestinian people. This requires the full restoration and protection of these rights, leading to the establishment of Palestinian sovereignty over the entire Palestine. However, such a resolution cannot be achieved if the Security Council fails to act.

Iran regards it as its duty to support Palestine’s legitimate rights to resistance to the oppression and aggression of this apartheid regime, in line with the right to self-determination, and this will be our principled policy until the occupation ends.

In conclusion, Madam. President, it is regrettable to witness the representative of the Israeli regime abusing this Chamber once again to make baseless claims and falsehoods against my country. We categorically reject these unfounded claims. Such assertions are not surprising, as fabrications and lies have been a recurring tool for this regime.

Nevertheless, it is evident that the purpose behind these unfounded claims is to divert attention from the urgent matter at hand in today’s meeting agenda—the appalling atrocity crimes perpetrated by the apartheid regime against the Palestinian people. Therefore, we are opting not to respond to false accusations because they do not merit the attention or credibility they want.

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