September 30, 2023

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MP hails economic diplomacy of Raisi administration

TEHRAN – Iranian lawmaker Zohreh Elahiyan said that the Ebrahim Raisi administration has succeeded in its economic diplomacy. 

Offering an assessment of the Raisi administration, she told IRNA that two years into the Raisi administration, it’s time to assess its functionality. 

“The passing of this period is the right time to evaluate the performance of the 13th administration. During this period, the motto of the head of the 13th administration regarding the priority of economic diplomacy is being realized. The administration has a written program to strengthen the interaction with different countries, including in the area of Latin America, Africa and neighbors,” Elahiyan said. 

She pointed out that the development of relations with these countries is a suitable capacity to neutralize the sanctions. “The results of the continuation of this process will be seen in the near future in the country and will be effective in the country’s economic growth and will bring good blessings to the country’s economy,” the lawmaker continued. 

Elahiyan, a member of the Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, pointed to the strengthening of Iran’s relations with a number of countries such as Algeria and Libya under the Raisi administration. 

“Regarding the issue of Saudi Arabia, the relations between the two countries were resumed, and regarding Egypt, the desire of both sides to improve relations has been announced,” she noted. 

Elahiyan called for the implementation of agreements signed by Iran with other countries with the aim of strengthening economic relations. “The implementation of Iran’s agreements with China and Russia, which are a large market for Iranian goods and oil, will cause economic growth and strengthen the country’s infrastructure,” she stated. 

She also called for buttressing Iran’s transit location, saying that improvement in transportation infrastructure could turn Iran into a transit hub in the region. “Strengthening Iran’s transit position can have positive effects for Iran’s future,” the lawmaker said. 
Earlier, another lawmaker had said that the parliament is drafting a bill that aims to boost Iran’s economic diplomacy abroad.

The new agenda will be carried out by Iran’s embassies across the world, according to Mehdi Saadati, a member of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee.

Saadati said many institutions are involved in drafting the bill. “The Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defense, Intelligence, Interior, Trade Development Organization, Majlis Research Center and other institutions expressed their comprehensive opinions and suggestions for drafting the bill,” the lawmaker continued.

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