December 3, 2023

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Iranian musician Hamid Motebassem to give concerts in Netherlands

TEHRAN – Iranian composer and master tar player Hamid Motebassem is scheduled to give performances in the city of Heerlen, the Netherlands on August 19 and 20.

Motebassem, known for his talent and contribution to Iranian classical music, will showcase the sounds of traditional Iranian instruments, particularly the setar and tar, in two distinct programs.

The concerts will consist of two parts, the first part will feature the solo performance of Motabsam, while for the second part, Motebassem will be joined by a group of highly skilled Iranian musicians, including Samira Golbaz, Javid Ardani, Nasser Davarzani, Majid Ansarifar, and Hossein Taherian.

Motebassem has given several concerts in Iran and abroad including a series of remarkable performances with the legendary Iranian vocalist Shahram Nazeri.

Photo: Iranian composer and tar player Hamid Motebassem in an undated photo


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