December 11, 2023

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Iran intelligence ministry exposes ulterior motives behind Quran burning  

TEHRAN – A string of public desecration of the holy Quran in Sweden and Denmark has set off outrage across the world. The man that raised up hell for the first time and started this show of madness was an Iraqi immigrant living in Sweden named Salwan Momika.

Momika’s actions eventually led to a diplomatic fight to break out between Iraq and Sweden. But new information released on Momika’s background shows his acts were in fact a plot designed by a bigger mastermind: Israel.

According to a statement by the Iranian Intelligence Ministry, Momika who has been drafted into Israel’s spy agency had a fairly questionable background in Iraq. In 2014 he established a party named “Democratic Union of Assyrians” where he introduced himself as the representative and voice of Christians in northwestern Iraq. However, due to his anti-Iraq tendencies and suspicious acts, locals were not fond of his moves and he eventually had to cease his activities under the party.

“Momika sought to live in Europe and tried to obtain residency but failed to get accepted into several of the European countries he had tried out for.  Therefore, he began extensive efforts to contact the Israeli regime in Jerusalem. Momika sent a CV to the regime where he introduced himself as a hardline opposition member of the Iraqi government. He even claimed that he had got detained by resistance forces in Iraq,” the statement added.

Momika allegedly maintained his contact with Israel and got drafted by Mossad in 2019. Most of his missions were centered around gathering information about resistance forces in Iraq.

Why did Israel scheme a Quran desecration act?

The statement claimed that Israel came up with its latest provocation against Muslims to divert attention from the heinous crimes it has been committing in the occupied West Bank especially the Jenin refugee camp.

It seems that Israel chose to burn the holy Quran in front of the Iraqi embassy as it knew it would be hard for the Iraqi government to rein possible angry responses. Israel knew there are different factions inside Iraq which usually take up different positions on different matters. With Benjamin Netanyahu’s controversial judicial overhaul bill getting adopted, it is expected that Israel creates similar provocations in the future to avoid international backlash.

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