December 3, 2023

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Iran breaks up large terrorist group linked to Israel 

TEHRAN – A number of terrorists have been arrested in several Iranian provinces and at least 43 bombs have been discovered from them, Iran’s Intelligence Ministry announced in a statement on Monday.

The group was planning to carry out destructive operations in the provinces of Tehran, Kerman, Isfahan, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, Kurdistan, and Mazandaran, the ministry said. 

They were identified and arrested by Iran’s intelligence forces, the statement said, adding the heads of the network reside in Denmark and Sweden.

“These terrorist group’s members, who are connected to Israel’s Mossad agency, were financially supported and equipped by the regime and received orders from other terrorists in Denmark and Sweden. They were planning to carry out several terrorist operations on the eve of the month of Muharram. That included explosions at the burial site of General Qassem Soleimani and also at some public places and fuel stations. They were also planning to conduct blasts at energy sites in order to disrupt domestic use and obstruct exports,” the ministry stated.

Apart from discovering 43 explosives, Iran’s intelligence forces have found several terrorist hideouts and seized “various industrial chemicals, electronic kits, remote control devices for remote detonation, explosive fuses, several holsters for handguns, hunting weapons, a large quantity of cold weapons, and tools specifically used for riots.”
According to the Intelligence Ministry statement, before getting drafted the key members of the terrorist group had sent videos of themselves burning, destructing or attacking government and municipality buildings as well as public transportation vehicles to Israeli-linked agents in Denmark and Sweden.
The statement adds that Iran reserves the right to track down terrorists outside its borders and will continue to take appropriate measures against the supporters of terrorism. 

In May, Iran announced it had detained 14 members of a terrorist group linked to Israel. According to Iranian officials, the squad planned to carry out the assassination of various individuals inside the country.

Since 2010, Israel has been linked to various sabotage attacks regarding Iran’s nuclear programs but as Tehran has tightened security on its nuclear sites, the regime has turned to destructive actions in civilian areas like fuel stations and energy centers. 

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