September 26, 2023

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Expansion of economic cooperation between Tehran and Damascus

In a note, Shargh addressed the Joint Economic Committee meeting of Iran and Syria in Tehran. The paper said: Considering the will between the authorities of the two countries of Iran and Syria to expand economic interactions, according to some analysts, the involvement of the private sector in the reconstruction of the country has been weak.

Issues such as the decade-long war in Syria, the presence of terrorist groups, occasional attacks by the Zionist regime on parts of Syria, etc. may be among the reasons that the private sector is unwilling to invest in the country. According to experts, currently the Russian government, due to its military presence in Syria and participation in important projects such as renovating Tartus port as an export and import point, oil and gas exploration in the Mediterranean Sea and extracting minerals, as well as China’s initial agreements regarding the incorporation of Syria in the Belt and Road Initiative, it is necessary that Iran, which has taken giant steps in supporting the Syrian government in fighting terrorism should firmly seek to obtain its rightful and significant share of the Syrian market in view of tough competitors.

Siasat-e-Rooz: Israeli fear of Iran’s maritime power and diplomacy 

In an analysis, Siasat-e-Rooz wrote: As the internal crises is escalating in the Zionist regime, Zionist regime’s Intelligence and Internal Security Organization (Shin Bet) has claimed that Iran tried to find the information of the Zionists through a phishing operation on the LinkedIn. The root of these claims is the continued fear of the Zionists about Iran’s global interactions and its participation in Russia’s annual naval parades. A Zionist newspaper pointed to the attendance of the Iranian Navy commander and its vessels in the naval parade as Iran’s involvement in maritime diplomacy. Considering Iran’s participation in the annual Russian naval parade with two vessels, Jerusalem Post is trying to downplay the importance of the defense and strategic cooperation between Iran and Russia by claiming that the navy of neither of these two countries can pose a challenge to America or the West  and this move is more “symbolic” and does not show the strength of the Iranian Navy.

Javan: Iran is defining new political order

In a commentary Javan wrote: Some analysts believe that Tehran’s foreign policy not only deprives Washington of military and political leadership in the Persian Gulf but also weakens the quality of American presence in the most strategically important places on the planet. Of course, changes in Iran’s foreign policy have angered the United States as Tehran has succeeded to heal the rift with Washington’s oil allies, such as Bahrain, the UAE, Saudi Arabia Egypt and some other African countries. This is in addition to its membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and its bid to join BRICS. These steps are becoming more prominent every day. It can be acknowledged that Iran is moving towards a new political order, which can be a serious alarm for America. Additionally, those countries that resisted American hegemony will be able to defend their interests more effectively by weakening Washington’s positions.

Iran: The endless anxiety of Iran’s enemies

In an analysis, the Iran newspaper discussed the events after the attack by the Albanian anti-terrorism police on the MKO camp near Tirana. It wrote: After that the issue of the extradition of the Hypocrites (MKO) and the necessary judicial measures to deport the members of this group was raised more seriously, and Iran declared that 104 people of the fugitive group should be tried, it is necessary that these people name lawyers to defend themselves in the court. After this declaration, the media and foreign opposition figures were very scared and in one example the royal BBC Persian called this move a warning to all groups opposed to the Islamic Republic. It said that this approach can put all those who are opposed to Iran and involved in news activities against the Islamic Republic at risk. It should be mentioned that before and after the fall riots of last year, the Ministry of Intelligence, in a meaningful step, put the Iran International TV channel on the list of terrorist media organizations for provoking violence and social unrest in Iran. This caused a desperate and fearful reaction among the counter-revolution groups and led them to relocate the network from England to America.

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